Ulzzang Skincare

Here's the posts in the series called "Achieving Ulzzang Skin" You can also browse these posts by clicking on the label Ulzzang Skincare, but I've also created this page so you can very easily see what has been achieved and what we've still got left to do! Along with my skincare series I'm also inserting the occasional tutorial on how to do an ulzzang makeup point. Rather than doing a full face makeup at once, we'll tackle individual points like lips, eyebrows, contouring and eye-make! Enjoy and have a great day!

Coming Soon To This Series:

Gradient Lip Tutorial
Diet and Hydration

Korean Eyebrow Style
Whitening and Tanning
Facial Massage
Sun Damage and Care
Ulzzang Eye-Make Tutorial
XiuXiu Meitu "Photoshop" Tutorial