9,000th Tweet ~ Dedicated to @Heedictator and @mjjeje

Hee~ So finally, after 1 year, 9 months, 3 weeks, 3 days, 17 hours, 42 minutes ( I made my account on March 16, 2009)I have finally reached my 9,000th tweet. Even though many people who don't use twitter find it silly, I think this shows a milestone in my life. 8,999 tweets of socialising, stalking and shameful tweets. Over this time I've met 266 people, stalked 859 and changed my name a lot 
My most frequently used tags are:
#nowkpopping / #nowplaying / #np / #nowplayingJP

I've begun to tweet far more productively (I hope) and I am now far more social than I was back in March '09. Twitter has been sitting in my pocket for such a long time now it's like become another limb. Although, I don't have 20,000 followers and have all manner of celebrities following me, I enjoy twitter and enjoy sharing my life - and talking with you all about yours. 

It was hard to choose who to dedicate this tweet to, so many people over this year (and 9 months) have been so lovely but at the end of the day I need to find someone to thank for be still bothering to sit at my computer everyday.
I've chosen two amazing men in the end, who not only get me onto twitter everyday but also help me through life and help me get up in the morning. Kim Hee Chul and Kim Jae Joong are absolutely perfect.
I've been into K-Pop about the same sort of time as I've been on Twitter. So although I'd like to thank all 266 of you for sticking with me, @Heedictator and @mjjeje are amazing.

But at the end of the day, Heenim (SpaceBigStar Kim Hee Chul ^^) and Jejung aren't following me and although I love reading their tweets and browsing their pictures, they're not the ones I'm chatting too.

So, some people who I have sat and had a tweet conversation-----


....and the list goes on. So because this post isn't particularly getting anywhere anymore, I'll shut up now and let you all get back to spamming up my timeline! ( ^ ___ ^ ) 
Have a great day and I'll make my 9,000 tweet celebration cake hopefully next weekend

The Twibbon I made that 'was never released'
The New Avatar