Music Tastes

Even though my main favourite genre of choice has to definitely be K-pop (of course) that doesn't mean my music tastes aren't diverse! For a start, I don't distinguish K-Rock and K-Indie from anything that speaks Korean is K-pop to me (otherwise it gets too confusing for my brain to handle what is what!) so my K-pop tastes alone vary so much!

Of course, you can check out my profile if you want an up to date view of what I've been looking at! And usually it does get quite diverse at times...others? I might just spend a whole day listening exclusively to DBSK and that's it ㅋㅋㅋ But hey~~ they've got enough songs to be able to do that~~ so why not?

My main countries I listen to (isn't funny how I now classify my music by country, rather than genre *cultured ㅋㅋㅋ*) are obvs Korea, Japan, China/Taiwan/Hong Kong, Thailand and the occasional Russia, Philippines and Indonesia... and then every now and again~ England and America make their way in there somehow!

According to my iPod, my top rated tracks include:

  • ดึงดูดใจ - เบลล์ นันทิตา (Belle Nuntita)
  • 바람아 불어라 - 레드애플 (LEDApple)
  • MAYDAY (Feat. 김창렬) - 마리오
  • 아름다운 밤이야 - 비스트 (B2ST)
  • gosenshi - 東方神起
  • Do svidanja - Алексей Воробьёв
  • Red Cliff OST - alan
  • 至少還有你 - 슈퍼주니어 (Super Junior)
  • The Day You Went Away (第一次爱的人)  - 오렌지캬라멜 (Orange Caramel)
  • 仰望 - 楊丞琳
I've tried to mix it up a little there as well~ just so you get a little bit of an idea what kind of tracks I like in general~ but so it's not just a list of Super Junior, B2ST and DBSK songs ^^

If you made me pick my favourite artists though...and made me limit it to 10 (I was going to do 5...but that's too hard!)
I'd probably go for:

  1. 東方神起 (DBSK)
  3. 레드애플 (LEDApple)
  4. 스탠딩 에그 (Standing Egg)
  5. 2NE1
  6. เบลล์ นันทิตา (Belle Nuntita)
  7. 西野カナ (Kana Nishino)
  8. Алексей Воробьёв (Alexey Vorobyov/Alex Sparrow)
  9. 블락비 (Block B)
  10. 비스트 (B2ST)

These artists...are people who I rarely find a song that I dislike by them~ as much as I love some of the others~ and as much as I love the members and whatevers~ these 10 are ones that I always like ㅋㅋㅋ regardless of the song and my mood~

Yet~ talking about my mood...I always seem to have a playlist for every mood that's humanly possible! I have playlists for certain situations~ obviously, if we take out the Christmas playlist and birthday playlist, we have a couple of my favourites...

  • 커피 (Coffee Playlist)
Supposed to be the sort of playlist that you would play if you're in a coffee shop alone and would like to listen to something in your earphones, if you own a coffee shop (which I'd like to do one day!) and you need some music~ or if you're somewhere else and would rather be in a coffee shop! Coffee shops are one of my favourite environments to be in, they're such comfortable spaces and just really relaxing! So that's why this playlist is called 커피!
The songs on it...go around artists like 스탠딩 에그 (Standing Egg), 제이(, 소란 (Soran) and 요조 (Yozoh)... this one is probably more indie orientated because most K-pop music in the charts wouldn't fit this playlist!

  • 막내 ON TOP (Maknae on Top Playlist)
The name for this playlist comes from BoA's GIRLS ON TOP~ and instead it's Maknae...because I always seem to find myself being the Maknae in a situation~ with the exception of one group of people, I'm always the maknae somehow~ even if I'm not technically the maknae, I'm usually treated as one! Orz
But this playlist is mainly used when I meet Kate because... well because that's when it gets played! It is pretty much just K-pop~ and mainstream K-pop at that~ because I want to be able to sing along to everything and do the dances all the time! So there's more 비스트 (B2ST), 티아라 (T-ara), B.A.P, 2NE1 and 소녀시대 (Girls' Generation) in this one!

  • 사랑, 생활 (<3 Life Playlist)
This one has such a cheesy name -.- luckily...what with it being in Korean and all...most people don't understand it anyway! But this is my Love, Life playlist~ it's a pretty happy and relaxing playlist. This one usually gets played when I'm walking around school or wanting some background music, but I don't want something that I can necessarily sing along to, because it's pretty distracting. This is one of my favourite playlists because the artists on it are all quite similar in the feel in my opinion. I'm not jumping from Rock to Indie and Bubblegum it's a pretty stable playlist to just have going on in the background whilst I'm working or walking between places! The artists on here include Urban Zakapa, 아이유 (IU), Illusion.P, 알리 (ALi) and 스탠딩 에그 (Standing Egg).

Those are just my top 3 playlists (and the ones with the least embarrassing names! ^^)

But this has been my Music Tastes! You've now seen into my iTunes! My favourite artists, my top songs and my top playlists! I'd love to see your top music choices~ it's interesting seeing how our choices change as well! I always think that I spend a lot of time listening to the K-pop that's in the charts at the time...but doing this has made me see how many indie artists and groups like LEDApple (who barely ever win anything) I actually listen to! 
Maybe those sorts of artists help give me a break though from Cheesy songs like Jo Kwon's solo album and dance tracks like SM's it's nice to see that I have a variety! It makes me feel more diverse, even though I barely ever attempt to listen to music outside of Asia any more...

What sort of music do you like? Do you just stick to the music of the fandom you've joined? Do you listen to some artists more than you even realised?