Steve Jobs Changed My Life.

Today is one of the two saddest days of my life. (The other being the day Steve Irwin died.)
I'm not just being a crazy apple fan-girl, apple has honestly changed my life - well perhaps not changed it. I've grown up surrounded by apple and Steve.

My first computer I had must have been about 10 years ago now. It was a pink iMac. I used to play maths games on it and Kid Pix.
Oh and 'Pocket and Tails go to Town' by Soft Key.
I was a cool kid, coming home from school~ running straight up the stairs dumping my bags on the way, into my parents room where the computer way kept - they couldn't trust me in my own room. Even at the age of 6 I wasn't allowed a computer in my room because I'd stay on it all night. It sat above the TV, a tiny little box thing attached to the wall, on a table with a table cloth to hide all the cables. Even back then we were in the apple crowd. (My dad works in IT (yep~ like the IT Crowd!) That's my excuse for why I've been interested in Steve Jobs from a young age.)

Anyway, then the iPod came along, the original monster brick of an mp3 player. (before this we had a mini-disk player) It was so cool, so hand-held. So light. I hold this now in my hand - yes, I've kept every apple product I've ever had) the original in one hand, my 2nd Generation iPod nano in the other and I wonder how we ever thought that this original was ever 'light' or 'portable'. The ones released in the first four years of the iPods life - 2001 to 2004 (so 10 years ago now) - were beasts! All in black and white. But you looked so cool with one.
Then the mini arrived, my mum had a pink one - it also had a black and white screen - with curves! This is one of my favourite iPods, although it is heavy, it's a comfortable size. It's cute and easy to manage. The click wheel still clicks well 6 years after it was released.
My favourite of the iPods though, has to be the nano series. I never owned the first generation iPod nano, only the second and third. But I found the first beautiful and still do to this day. The proportions of the iPods in the nano series are perfect, the corners and the click wheel all work perfectly.
I own a black iPod nano currently and although I also own a touch, I definitely prefer using the nano.

On to the recent years, the touch screens. iPads, iPod touch, iPhones. I'm not a fan of touch screens so I don't have all three. But I do love them and out of the touch screen gadgets on the market, apple products are by far the highest quality.

I haven't particularly covered laptops/iMacs in this section. But let me assure you that through every phases of my life, every single year. Every thing that has happened to me, whether good or bad, an apple product has joined me on that adventure.
It may sound really cheesy. In fact this whole post is just cheese. But I definitely feel strongly about apple and Steve Jobs. I hope that if there is a heaven - I'm undecided - then he is looking down at all the wonderful things we've written and done for him today. It's beautiful. I'm unsure of the amount of times I've cried in public today, probably as many times as I've switched onto my Twitter Timeline.
Steve Jobs has been a genius. He's transformed our lives. I find his work far more important and influential than that of Einstein or Plato. He's enriched the human race. Connected us. United us.
And now I sit here, 10 years since I first looked at my first iPod when my dad brung it home and about 7/8 since I played on my third generation iMac, listening to my iPod. On a MacBook. With millions of other people doing the exact same thing as me. Mourning the lost of one of the greatest people the human race has ever experienced.
I don't think it's possible for me to put into words how much he means to me. How important apple is to my life.
Only that the first thing I reach for every morning is my iPod. I check the weather on an apple product and although I currently have a blackberry phone, every other piece of technology is apple. Not because that is the done thing. But because I'm in love. I'm addicted.
Without Steve Jobs, how do we live our lives? Sure the apple company will keep running. But without the figurehead. The genius behind it. How do we survive?
How many of us honestly took style tips from him also?
I know he definitely influenced my love for turtle-neck sweaters.
I think that will be my tribute to the genius. I shall wear a turtle-neck sweater for the next 1-2 weeks.
With jeans. Because that seems the best way to express myself.

How are you expressing your love? Tell us your apple life story.