♥~'Final' Weight loss~♥

So~ This is just a quick tip/tutorial for those trying to lose weight. Although I'm not completely sure of a healthy way of losing weight that works, I can definitely give tips on how to keep it
off and some exercises and motivation/other people who may help you!

If you remember~ back in March I lost 22lbs in about a week and a half...according to my doctor xD I didn't believe this...until I got back to school and all my clothes were falling down (I was off school and was only wearing huge tracksuits xD -- Like the chav I am ^^) Basically, I lost 2 dress sizes in under two weeks.

I was determined to keep this off, I think it was the utter determination that led me to the success of my project to be honest. I was at my heaviest weight the start of this year and I was talking of diets a lot, I was doing my morning banana diet...but it wasn't getting very far. The fact that I managed to get my weight down, showed me that it was possible. Everyone I knew liked my new look. They all made sure they supported me and thanks to my great unnis supports~ I managed to stick with it~ 
Obviously I'd like to thank them~ without my unnis standing up for me --- yeah~~ I know >< it sounds awful xD --- and my doctors for keeping up with everything~ I'm now in a routine I like~
I'd like to share my workout tips/routines with you and you can just take whatever you like~ I think the best thing to do with diets is to find one which you can cope with. Find one which is sustainable!

Here's my little 'recipe' on weight loss then!::

Friends/Family ---When you tell people you are going to lose weight and you have people to nag you constantly about it~ you can't forget about it~ so you're going to remember not to go back for seconds or to go on that jog~
Self Control  ---Without the use of self control a diet is virtually impossible. Self control is needed to stop yourself over eating and spending to much time on pleasures and not enough exercising!
Don't Focus On Weight! ---My problem at the moment is my actual weight! Due to the types of exercise/sports I do, I put on muscle~ so I put on lots of weight~ my dongsaengs also actually weigh a lot but look tiny due to muscle:fat ratios~ so focus on measurements not weight!
Know When To Stop  ---If you get a cold, fall ill or it's exam time~ Don't put too much pressure on yourself~ you need to make sure you have enough energy in these times~ Weight loss comes second, health first!!
Be Healthy!!  ---The amount of times I have to say this, no matter what happens, don't resort to skipping meals! It just adds weight quicker when you eat again and it's not sustainable~ so please just make the portion smaller or substitute things~ don't skip a meal completely!
Find Something That Works  ---And stick with it~ once you've found something you like, stick with it and maintain your goals~ tell your friends about it and work together! ^^

(Oiseau88 Unni's Vlog with her fitness tips~ 
She also does ballet and has a great figure and skin~
So she's obviously got something right! ^__~)

Exercising is something I can actually do~ it's something I'm actually good at! I struggle on the eating~ I'm a fussy vegetarian so dieting barely works, but exercising is great! You feel great after wards as well~ but you've all heard all the normal things, jog, yoga, aerobics, swimming all the normal things~ Zumba is good for those not particularly used to exercise or as a warm up~ but I don't feel much from it I'm afraid...T__T
I always like looking at the exercises in magazines~ J-magazines have such fun exercises in them! xD
(Like this one! xD)