Eating healthy...or at least trying to!

Yeah, I think I can finally help give some advice on this...finally. Although I'm not there yet I think I'm definitely getting better and more open minded to food even though it took a whole load of going wrong to let me figure it out, but I thought I'd just share my story with you guys and see if anyone can relate to it?

I used to eat...well not much, I've always been a vegetarian so even though I used to eat loads of junk food and everything, I don't think I did too badly because I've not been at risk from food like burgers and sausages and stuff that pretty much kills you all. But I did it badly, I used to have a genuine fear of green food. I couldn't go near green food at all - after a horrible encounter with peas as a child so it's not entirely irrational! xD. There was a similar story with pasta as well, so imagine a vegetarians diet without pasta and any food that's green? Yeah, it's not great is it? 
As you can probably imagine I was pretty tired, lazy, I couldn't do well in school or anything just because my brain couldn't work properly because I didn't feed it well enough!
After the incident I got into last year through my diet, I decided I needed to sort myself out big time. I started taking care of my skin more - even though it's seem to have led to an OCD in Skin Whitening and I do admit that I think I've become slightly obsessive...but I do think that's healthier though than the other end of the scale where people are obsessively tanning and ageing earlier! - and I've also started to eat more now!
I haven't got over my fears of pasta and green food completely, green food still terrifies me honestly and I don't think I'll ever go near it out of choice but I know I can't hide from it forever and I can eat them if I have to but when I have the choice, honestly I still stay so far away from them.
But I'm just glad I've had other choices to substitute for them, I think that's way more important than liking or disliking a certain food. Unlike many people, I don't believe people should be force-fed food, they're not going to enjoy it and it won't motivate someone with a form of eating disorder to eat. If anything it'll put them off, but if it's just changed for a different food? They don't have to eat the food they don't like but are also getting the decent diet they need!

My main progresses seem to have been in breakfasts! I used to eat a slice of toast, if that~ now I'll go full out and have a proper full on breakfast. Which is saying something for me I think because I don't eat much at once, I prefer to snack constantly!
I have a love of Chinese foods at the moment, especially because I think the taste is just different to anything I had growing up so I didn't have the horrid childhood memories of food haunting me whilst I eat and also because it's so easy for me to get hold of. Chinese food is pretty convenient for me and that's in many ways, more important than the taste for me as I just like to eat and get on with the rest of the world instead of spending a lot of time sitting around eating for hours at a time which is just time-consuming and honestly pretty boring!

So now for my favourite foods! I hope you like these silly little posts...if they're of use to one person out of the 7 billion in the world then I'm satisfied! That's all I want to be honest! :)
Green Tea! I can't leave the house without some at the moment!
Although these are reserved only for treats,
Mochi is one of my favourites ever!
Of course all the kind of boring things like Yakisoba because
they fill me up so much! :) and yeah..
My love lies in smoothies though because it's like food
and drink mixed together and it's just convenient