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I would make some stupid promise now that I'll offer better quality posts and less crazy spam-style tweets but we all know that realistically that's not going to happen! Orz So instead I'll just celebrate my lack of any sort of social life and hope that this improves later! I've only got one single more Facebook like until my 100 mark so I hope that will come soon...I don't really want to go around begging for it though because if they don't come to your blog/twitter/facebook etc. out of interest then they won't stay...So I'll just keep producing content and stuff and hope they visit me soon!

Also! Now my skin is in pretty good condition, I think I'll start making videos properly soon...I may start after my exams so I don't have my parents blaming YouTube if I get some awful results this summer!
My back isn't doing too badly...but it's just so inconvenient. I don't think I realised just how much I use my back until I stopped having use of it! I swear everything needs a back to do! I just hope I'm back dancing, yoga, doing karate, walking properly and just general being able to do things better soon! So hwaiting and I'll pray for it~~~~ ....I'm not even religious...where did that even come from?
Anyway! Thanks for sticking with me guys! Two milestones in a day here and I hope you enjoy all the stuff I've got so far and all my future works~ and if you're interested in Ulzzang...all I have to say is go for it! Try it out and I'll be happy to support you guys! <3
Thank you! ^^\v