4HEAD Stick

I'm just going to take the time today to show you something I love and hate at the same time. I swear I have a marmite relationship with this product, but at the same time I can't do without it!
It's the 4HEAD stick by Diomed Developments Ltd. (which according to the side of the pack, they're based near where I'm from *interesting fact right there!*). It's supposed to cure/ease headaches. I'm pretty much famous for having the inability to swallow any form of tablet in the world, so therefore when I saw this little thing in boots...I had to get it.

Before I tell you why it's great though. I'm going to issue a pretty serious warning. I swear this thing causes like temporary blindness, it's 100% levomenthol and it's crazy strong. There's two plastic lids on the product, and I can still smell the menthol smell through them. It also says it's non greasy. I can tell you now. That's not true. I'm sure it's not greasy without makeup, but with a small amount of BB Cream on, it does give you a shiny forehead. And finally, don't let it slide. Obviously, due to it being greasy, it doesn't stay in the place which you originally told it to. It wants to run around everywhere on your face...including your eyes and nose. So be warned!

Anyway, this does work you'll be pleased to know! So putting up with the smell and slight greasiness should get rid of your headache! So that's always great! There's also a lot of product. It's only 3.6g but I've used the same one for about a year...and it's still good. You don't need water or have to stop to get a tablet out, just put this in the side of your bag or somewhere with easy access, whip it out and stick it on your head whilst your walking around, in a lesson, in the bathroom etc. and you're sorted. Just make sure you don't drop one of the caps if you're multitasking!

Just don't share this with other people - it's pretty unhygienic - and smell it too much...or move your head whilst it's drying and your good to go!