Special Announcement!

So it's been a couple of weeks now in which my announcement has been just sitting there...waiting to be told~ and now I have a few announcements to eum~~~ announce? A couple of my 언니 are probably already aware of these~ but the majority of people aren't...

Let's get on with it then~ and I'll let you in on the little secrets and stuff that has happened recently~ And I've also got one from about August time that I haven't told any of you~ But since I'm writing about all of this stuff now, I'll stick that in as well ㅋㅋ

So lets go in chronological order then through these announcements? I've got three~ so let's start in August!

Ahaha~ so it's results day (well not now obviously, but skip back to when it was results day ㅋㅋㅋ) I'd got 100 in the Religious Ethics AS paper~ so that's partially why I'm now filling out my uni applications and everything and writing Philosophy on all of them~ :') and I enjoy it of course as well, I was also the first person in my sixth form to ever get full marks ㅋㅋㅋ *clap clap clap*
Okay~ so that's over now!

Next one!
Now it's a couple of weeks ago~ and I got the OK to take my Shodan in Shotokan Karate~ so that means that if I pass on the 13th December (the day of my exam) I'll officially be a black belt, so that'll be all exciting and stuff! I didn't want to mention it on the day though before, because I obviously get injured quite a lot~ so I didn't want to jinx anything by announcing it and then breaking a ton of bones or something~ but I've decided to man-up and just tell you all now! So that'll be hard, and it's also going to end up being my excuse for why I'm so tired now and why I'm not blogging as much...
But I had my first 'revision session' on Thursday...and I ended up coming out with a huge gross bruise~ so I'm going to be broken by the time it gets to the exam xD
Have a look!

Injury #1 - The Current State of My Arm xD

And FINALLY! :D Probably the only exciting one for everyone else~ My 언니 and I got our BIG BANG ALIVE TOUR tickets for London on Wednesday last week~ so we're officially now going to go to see Big Bang :) This will be the first concert with my 언니 and it'll be my second time seeing a k-pop performance ever since I missed CN Blue and SHINee etc...
(The only other guys I've seen are DNT (디엔티) -- that's dragon n tiger -- and as lovely as they were...I'm not sure they really on the same level as BIG BANG!! xD
So that's the 15th December, I'll remember to take a million photos of the day and I'll share them with you all~ so expect that post to be huge

Are any of you going to Big Bang's London concert as well? 
Have a nice day everyone