Life Update: One Week To Go!

Sorry guys! I've been a little negligent recently...I don't really have any new excuses! I've planned at least 10 blog posts in my head over the past week alone, but I just haven't had any time to go and write them! Even this one I've only managed to find a free 10 minutes!

As you can tell, it's still a little hectic!
I've got everything now and I'm just starting to pack, I've already trial packed my makeup to make sure it fits in my traincase fine! Luckily it just about makes it (wow...what's going to happen when I come back then? xD I'll have more stuff!) I'm slightly worried that I'm going to be overflowing with stuff...but I've been really good at cutting down on clothes and everything so I'm pretty proud of myself ;)

I'm not really sure what the point of this blog post is, I just missed you guys and wanted to share what I'm up to! I know I share a lot on my Instagram and Twitter...but it's not the same really! :'( I'll work on trying to post something on my Facebook Page every day because that's easy to do though!

Thanks so much for sticking with me guys though, looking through Bloglovin' every looks like September is crazy for all of us with going back to school, college and university! So good luck everyone with everything you're doing! Hang in there and enjoy life!

I know this has been really short again...and I'll probably go back over these quick posts later and delete them all because they're pointless...but I'm just letting you know I'm alive! xD

I bet you can't wait until everything goes back to normal...or a new normal anyway! I'll be sure to do a dorm tour once I'm in and unpacked! And I also still have to share with you all what I took makeup-wise on holiday...that feels so long ago now! It was almost a month! The pictures haven't even made it onto the computer yet though -_-

Have a great day everyone and stay milky!