Life Update!

I'm going to apologise right now for writing this post! I haven't got a single photo prepared for this one, I just wanted to sit down and just write. It's the 1st of September and for a while I feel like I haven't actually been updating what's been happening with me...I've been so busy recently but all I've been sharing is reviews and stuff! Not even a decent tutorial (don't worry I'm still practising my aegyo-sal!)


The thing you're all interested in still I assume? Well I've chosen most of my modules between now and Easter, I've got my accommodation sorted and now I just need to buy things like bedding and stationary! (Haul soon? ;D) It's all been a lot to handle at the moment actually! So it'll be really strange just upping and moving somewhere else! Yesterday I got a small television/computer screen and I have lots of small things ready to go, but all of the big important things are still waiting! 
All everyone keeps talking about is Freshers though! And about how much alcohol they drink...honestly, although I drink...I'm such a control freak that I don't think I've ever been properly drunk. So that scares me!


I've also been having some diet issues these days. Which is hilarious because I posted about dieting recently! I think I've just been spending too long at home to be honest! My family all eat a lot! Which is alright for them...but I'm the shortest in my family and I have small stomach so I can't eat the same as the others. (which is another reason why I'm looking forward to moving out)

Social Life? (hah....)

If you're also a blogger then you'll understand what I mean. Although I've felt like I've seen a lot of people, I do prefer to sit here and talk to the Internet sometimes! I've had a pretty stressful week overall because I think I've just been out and see more people than my brain could handle, so I ended up fainting yesterday morning. Know your limits guys and stick to them!


I do feel like I've been slacking off on the beauty front! I had a huge breakout a couple of weeks ago from the stress of results day and I've been focusing more on skincare recently and now have 5 different cleansers to get my skin back to normal. Because I'm using so much skincare, I've been trying not to put anything other than BB cream on most days so I can breathe ;D


Slightly irrelevant - or perhaps not because I spend my whole life with this - but K-pop at the moment has been great! The comebacks have been amazing and my baby Kim Heechul is back so I'm finally happy again! 
Maybe I'll share another K-playlist soon as well because I've been making a lot recently!

I think I've covered everything there? If I feel like it'll help I might go back and put some pictures in, but I'm happy leaving it plain like this for now really! Especially because you can just check Instagram for almost daily updates!

Now I'm off to have a bath and finally calm down. I dread to think what my stress levels have been like recently but I know I need to fix that! 
Thanks for reading this boring update and I've actually got a number of clips and programs bookmarked that I'd like to discuss with you guys so I'll be doing that probably leading up to and on Freshers Week, just so I haven't disappeared! ;D