Introducing: Graze Boxes

I've finally got some free time to work through my backlog this weekend, and one of the first things I really wanted to share with you all was the Graze box from!
Like beauty boxes, this is a subscription box that can arrive as often or as rarely as you choose.

What is it?

A healthy snack box in the most basic terms. There's 4 different snacks per box. The box itself is small enough to be able to fit through the letter box! So you don't need to worry about being home to collect it or leaving it outside. 

How do they pick what to send?

As I said, 4 snacks come in each pack. You are able to rate products as to whether you "love", "like", "try" or "bin". 
The "bin" option ensures you're never sent that product (I can't stand raisins, so the first thing I did when I created my account was click bin on anything with raisins in).
"Try" is the default option and basically just opens you up to everything available (except the meat options. Meat is set as bin by default).
"Like" and "love" are generally used after you've tried a product and want to rate it. If you click "love" it should send it more often as well. 
Some products have a "send soon" button. This allows you to request the product in the next box!


They have so many different offers! So far I've managed to have 3 free boxes and I have another arriving soon. I literally can't wait for it! Using coupon codes - I'll list all of mine - you're able to claim a free first box, free 5th box and free breakfast box. 
My boxes cost £3.89 but by using the coupon codes I can pretty much get most boxes free! I have cancelled my orders at the moment - moving to uni and all...I can't collect them from home! - but I used to get them every 2 weeks.
Adding up the amount you get...that's 97p per snack...that's an insanely good deal if you also consider that they're being delivered straight to your door. 

Why I love Graze?

It's simple. It's healthy. It's relatively cheap. The boxes are so small that I can just put a punnet in my bag just in case I need a snack. 
In short. I love graze. They're the only subscription box I've bought religiously. 
And also to clarify...I'm not being sponsored by them! I just love these guys so much I wanted to share.

My Coupon Codes!

Now the bit you all want to hear about right?
If you'd like a free nibble box (the normal basic style) then enter the code PH12ZMTD or follow the links I've recently put on my Facebook and Twitter pages. 
If you'd like an invitation to the Good Breakfast Club (to receive porridges and breakfast's invitation only at the moment) then enter the code KATIEL9T
And finally, there's also a kids box! If you'd like to try that then feel free to use my brother's code:  AARONC9PB

I really hope you enjoy these boxes and try out graze! Even if you just get the free boxes and then cancel (which after you try, I'm sure you won't!) then at least give it a chance right?

Have a great day and enjoy your free foods!