Instagram Time!

Apologises! I've been missing for so wasn't even intentional...I just get so busy now and honestly I'm not sure these days how blogging fits into my life so I have to just have to try and figure everything back out again! Luckily I've taken to Instagram during this time because it's so much quicker and easier to do.

My instagram username is katielouiseclark. (Yes! I managed to get my full real name! :O)

This post is going to be pretty simple...I'll just share some basic life updates via photos!

Here's my first meal of university! Sort of...first thing I consumed when I arrived was a Starbucks! :O

Shot from my hall library, this is just at the end of the corridor...they have comfortable sofas. That is all.

There's a deer park across the road that I enjoy going to...I'll restrain myself and just post one deer photo...but head over to my instagram or twitter to see lots more of them!

Of course I was at uni for bonfire night as well! So here's one of the photos from that! I took more than enough pictures of fireworks that night!

I have more than enough food pictures as well! If you want to see what I eat every day...then instagram is the place to go. I'm one of the annoying people who posts pictures of every food I eat!

And of course, finally what kind of blogger would I be if I didn't post OOTDs?

Well that's a summary of my instagram! Feel free to leave your username on instagram down below because I need to check out some new people and I'll follow anyone who follows me back as well :) 
Have a great day everyone! And sorry this is such a photo heavy post!