Bodyline Review~

So you may remember that quite a while back I ordered some items from bodyline~ I was going to order my seifuku from either CONOMi or Candy Sugar but they were both really expensive compared to the Bodyline stuff and I used to use Bodyline when I did Lolita so I am used to their service - I don't like ordering from new stores!

Now, less rambling and more reviewing~
The items themselves came really quickly within like 3 days I think so that was really good, I used just standard boring delivery so it was all good!
The packaging~ It was so small! ^^ My mum's delivery came the same day
she bought barely anything and it came in a HUGE  package!

Eum~ yeah this is the back....><

When I opened it...this was the entire contents

I bought two hair ties at like 50p each!

The ribbon~ I originally wanted a pink one but it sold out T-T

The skirt packaged up~

Layed out~

The washing label~ my mum says Japanese/Korean washing
labels are easy to follow...I don't understand them. But she
doesn't speak either language well so please trust her! xD

This is the clasp thing? Three different settings for different
waist sizes

Supposedly this is a hem. I didn't realise this at first....
So I was going to complain about it in my review.
Apparently it's all fine though...It was one of those temporary ones...

The ribbon. It doesn't work as a baggy's not long enough.

Here's the clasp for the ribbon

The ties are really thick! And sturdy! Need I say again they were

Don't smell the glue though. It stinks. Bad.

They were tied up funny. I found it rather amusing.

Thanks! I'm so glad I finally got my full seifuku to go with my blazer, socks, shoes and bag~ it's great fun!
I love Nanchatte Seifuku~^^ I'm a little disappointed that I didn't get a pink ribbon, but I do love this one!
So thanks Bodyline for your speedy delivery!

Now for the final results!


The delivery was great! Eum~ the quality is hard to comment on because obviously Bodyline is much cheaper than CONOMi, Uniqlo and Candy Sugar so I can't compare. But considering how little I paid...It's great quality. The packaging was good. If anything it was too cramped. The skirt was quite crinkled because it was folded up so much. The ordering itself...It gets confusing. There are so many steps, so many questions. I wish there was a sign up option for the site so I only have to enter my details once.