Exploring: Green Tea

So I'm a big fan of tea, but black tea has always been too strong for me. I used to drink strawberry tea when I was a kid, but now I prefer green tea. I drank green tea a little already, but the more Lindy Tsang talked about green tea and how good it was for you, and then Nayoung and other YouTubers and bloggers did as well, I decided I should start religiously drinking my tea~ and it's definitely made a difference so if you're like me and really lazy, then just suck it up and drink your tea because your skin and your body will thank you so much for it!

(Now I'll admit this month I've been slacking off a little...but genuinely my reasoning has been good...
I've been drinking a brand for a while and I decided to swap to a new one after I finished this box...however! I wanted to take some pictures because I was planning this post! So I've been drinking the box pretty slowly because I've been too lazy busy to take photos)

What brand do I drink?
Well at the moment it's Double Dragon, apparently this tea is from the Fujian region of China? Which must be pretty famous for it's tea because whilst I was trying to find a map of China which indicated where-abouts Fujian is (for you geography nuts!), there was loads of tea pictures! I can't really tell the difference in taste between the brands that I've tried to be perfectly honest, but I just pick either a cheap one or one with pretty packaging if I don't plan on moving it into a tea tin...

The tea bags themselves?
My tea bags actually come in cute little packages (which is great for when I know I'm having weekends away or I know I'm going to be out all day and I can't get any green tea :3) and it also has those awesome little things to help you get out the tea bag instead of having to fish around in the tea cup!
I don't know whether you guys have Holland and Barrett in your countries...but I like to get my tea from there, considering I buy other stuff from there as well! (No that's not just because Matt Baker does the advert...
I do like teas...not particularly black teas because as I said before, I find them really strong! But more herbal and green teas and stuff...I haven't tried many though~
I should learn how to serve tea properly as well because that may be useful...(yeah, this is the 21st Century...so maybe not~ but you never know!)

Anyway, this post was just a little off topic one in which I've shown you my tea~ so I hoped you've enjoyed it! This was my tea and next up will be Nesura pore strips.
Tea's actually really interesting and perhaps I should do more posts like this because even though I haven't written a lot on the post, I actually spent a while looking at different types of tea and also the area of China where my tea comes from so I learnt a lot and it was pretty fun as well!