I ordered the SHINI STAR Lip Balm by Etude House in 블링블링J (Bling Bling J - for Jonghyun!) 
It came with my purchases from cosmetic-love and can be found here on their site.
The series has five colours, one for each SHINee member - and I really like orange lip colours, so I decided to order the Jonghyun colour.

I've been in love with orange colour since I saw Sandara Park from 2NE1 wearing the Miss Tangerine Collection by Etude House as well, and I was going to order some of that collection instead...but I really needed a basic lip balm because I get bored of using Vaseline and boring products and this was really cheap! Each member of SHINee had a different colour and flavour though (you honestly don't know how long it took me to figure out which one I wanted!) Jonghyun's one is Grapefruit flavoured and is pigmented in a bright orange colour. On the lips, it's not bright orange like the Miss Tangerine collection seems to come out like, but more casual and relaxed. This is made to be worn for everyday use and it's pigmented enough to look pretty but not too much so you look cheap and nasty. It's thick and stays on a long time and isn't sticky. However, I'd advise not to hug people taller than you who are wearing white...because like normal lip balms/tints/gloss/sticks etc. it does still stain clothing and everything! ;3
So please feel free to check out this lip balm because it's great and really cheap! And it's a cute product to have in your bag, especially if you're a kpopper or a Shawol! 
Anyway, brb. I'm off to order Onew, Minho, Taemin and Key's ones now! :3 ahaa~ Have a nice day guys and enjoy these photos of other angles of the lip balm...