59 Seconds - Contrast Trim Backpack from YesWalker.com

Warning! : This post is going to be image heavy, due to the number of different angles and everything I wanted to take a picture of!

So a while ago now - turns out it was actually the 10th October last year now - I bought the Contrast Trim Backpack on YesStyle's new sub/sister site YesWalker.com. I ordered in the colour Red and according to my account on YesStyle's site, I paid $17.50 for it, but it is currently still on the site and is selling for $30 at the moment (although they always have at least one offer on~ so I'd wait for one if you want something and it's not on offer at the moment!)
The actual delivery came relatively quickly, I'd ordered from YesStyle's other site (YesAsia) before, and that took forever to arrive - that was my folders that you'll see in one of the pictures further down...and it was a Super Junior haul 하하~ - but this one was actually pretty good!
YesWalker do seem a lot easier to deal with that YesStyle, there's free shipping and everything on the site is cheap, the shipping is pretty good. And I'll just clarify now, that this one wasn't sponsored! (as you'll soon be able to tell...)
As impressed as I was with YesWalker...I'm not sure the same level could be applied to 59 Seconds honestly. 59 Seconds is a Hong Kong brand who are also available on YesStyle and is apparently a sister brand of 59th Street and as with most Hong Kong street brands, it can get a bit hit and miss at times. Although at the prices, it's worth the risk to be honest.
I'm not going to say that I don't love this bag. I do. I adore the bag. And this will be my third month now of using it as my school bag, and recently Kate bought the same one in the grey colour~ but I will just point out the flaws here in this post for you, so it's realistic and everything! 

Please bare in mind though, I'm an A Level student...who takes English Literature, Philosophy and History~ all of which have a lot of text books! And I also take my HPMini to school with me every day, in addition to all the regular equipment~! So it's pretty heavy duty in my opinion! GCSE students and people without as many books probably won't have any problems at all with this bag! ㅋㅋ

Here's a quick full view of the bag, the colours are pretty vibrant! But not too much so it looks stupid ㅎ also! It might be worth saying quickly that the bright red hasn't run into the colours of my clothes (it sounds stupid...but I once had a backpack that did that...and it ruined everything ㅜㅅㅜ)

I'm honestly not sure why you'd want a close up from this angle, but because I'm so loving and everything, you can have one anyway! This is just the zip, it's pretty sturdy. There is only one zip on each compartment - as opposed to the ones where there's two zips that meet in the centre.

The material seems to be prone to catching dirt on it~ ...to be fair, this bag does end up on the floor a lot~ so it's not surprising honestly... I might try putting it in the washing machine though one day? I'm not sure it would dry well though~

The stitching does get a bit frayed on the edges...that doesn't affect the functionality of it~ it's just messy...and ugly~ But to be fair, it is on the inside...and no one else has ever noticed it other than me ㅋㅋㅋㅋ...So I just cut it out and now it's all fine again!

Here's the label...because sometimes...the labels are badly attached or whatever, and that just adds to the faults. Good news is, it's a pretty decent label. Well stitched and all! Pretty standard.

The inside of the bag is pretty as well! I wasn't sure I'd like it at first, but it's grown on me! And the yellow section is sort of plastic material, which makes it completely waterproof. Living in England has given me plenty of opportunity to test whether products are waterproof or not, and I can definitely confirm that this bag is fully waterproof (provided you do up the zips of course!) 

This is my biggest annoyance at the moment...the inside pocket (located on the front of the bag) has split and there's now a gross bit...and yeah~~ I think the picture just explains it. I use this pocket to hold either my iPod or page markers~ so nothing insanely heavy. But I'm making the assumption that my iPod touch caused this, so probably best not put anything too heavy in here?

But this is my biggest problem overall. Just for the complete inconvenience and costs that this has caused me. I'll just carry on and tell you all the story of this I think. 
My pink Boden jumper is made of cotton and cashmere, it's pretty fine material~ and I wore it to school (as I have plenty of times ㅋㅋㅋ) with this bag on my back...and I came home at the end of the day~ and it was completely ruined....not even slightly dodgy. The whole of the back of my jumper had worn away - like when people get holes in their socks I guess? - and since then, the bag has these bobbly bits on it...which honestly is just irritating. 
So that's that story. It just made me paranoid to put anything of that material in contact with my bag now.  

The colour on the back has slightly faded now as a result of that mishap. So it's not great. I'm just glad it's on my back and not the front ^^

Here's the straps. The bag was actually delivered when Kate was round, and she assembled it for me. The straps are confusing to put through the holes.......(or we're stupid) 하하

Here's the contents of my bag on an average/heavy day~ obviously I don't carry these exact things every day, but this is sort of the normal amount going in there!

Overview of the number of books that were stuffed into there, so you've got a better look! (I've only just noticed that these are actually all Philosophy/Ethics books ^^ - just because I love it that much...)

And here's all the other general stuff. I'm not going to lie, I just took this picture to make you all jealous of my SHINee notepad and Super Junior's Sungmin folder! 

If you'd like one, they sell the folders on YesAsia - I've got Sungmin and Heechul...and I did have Shindong as well...but he broke because I used him too much ㅋㅋㅋㅋ - and I actually just made the notepad by printing off a picture of SHINee onto some coloured paper and sticking it on a plain covered notepad! I've got BAP and GD & TOP ones as well...and I was using a DB5K one~ but I filled that up!
The pens are from MUJI and they're the 30 Colour Hexagonal Pen Set~ I also usually have the 10 Colour Double Ended Hexagonal Pen Set in my bag~ but they're not pictured ㅜㅅㅜ

I hope you guys enjoyed that ^^ and if you've got any more questions then feel free to ask! I'm sorry this post took so long to get to you all~! You don't even know how long this has been sitting in my drafts now~~ I'm so disappointed in myself about how long I procrastinated this. Although, waiting a while has allowed me to show you some more recent flaws that I couldn't have done when the bag came, so that's useful!

Perhaps I'll do a tutorial on how to make these notepads as well once I've bought more printer ink and notepads...because I want a Beast one and a JYJ one next...and lots of people have been asking about it recently~ what with me posting pictures of my work-space when I'm studying a lot!

Hope all of your January exams/finals/tests went well also! (I'm actually writing this before I sit mine, but it's publishing after so I'm not sure how mine will go yet... but I'm wishing ^^ I'm sure Philosophy will be fine ^^ it's just History I worry about!)