Pre-2013 Movie Night with NonStopNyanKate~!

Before anyone asks...this header photo was actually taken in Switzerland...eum and yes~ I took it ^^ you can find the original photo (without the text) on my original photo blog here.
So on the 28/29 Kate came round for an Asian movie night! It was originally a K-movie night...but we ended up watching more Japanese films than we did I can't really call it a Korean movie night can I?

First we exchanged our presents (well half presents, the other halves of our presents hadn't arrived yet... -_-) and then had lunch~~ and sat on the internet people do ^^ and chose our films to watch!

We had a ton of films we wanted to watch...but in the end~ we only made it through about 4~
First we saw キミとボク which is about a cat...and I'm ngl guys~ I think that was the saddest one of the night~! I'm going to make this post spoiler free so you can go and watch them later if you haven't seen them all already! But it was cute and yeah~ I liked it ^^

Then we watched some of the 2009 version of 花木兰...which I have to say is slightly depressing in comparison to the Disney version! I say we watched some of it as well because half way through the film we kind of gave up and decided to make a list of all the people we'd marry if they asked us right now~ ^^ which is of course different to a list of biases! JYJ's Jaejoong is at the top of my list of biases...but he's near the bottom of the people I'd marry~ ㅋㅋ along with Big Bang's TOP!
I'll share some of that list with you...but not all of it ㅋㅋ because it gets embarrassing...and quite long!
At the top of mine I have Jo Kwon! You're all probably sitting there complaining...because I don't express my love for this man often...and I don't like 2AM...and Jo Kwon isn't usually my type~ but him, Super Junior's Heechul and FT Island's Hongki have some of the best personalities in K-pop~ and hey~ who doesn't want a funny husband? My reason for putting at the top though? I can share shoes with him! ^^ ㅋㅋ~ I really want to try on the shoes he wore when he performed Animal~ so yeah...
Then I've got MBLAQ's Lee Joon...after watching their Hello Baby~ he rose to the top of my list on here...I can't even explain why though...probably because he's funny ^^ I see a pattern here! I need a funny husband don't I?
The final one I'll share with you guys is SHINee's Key...mainly because I put him on this list 3 times~ for the same reasons as Jo Kwon and Lee Joon...and also the fact that he speaks English~ and dressed up as Ken ^^

Moving on...after that distraction~ we decided to watch デスノト (the first live action movie) because Kate's been living under a rock for years and has never actually seen it ㅋㅋ I really love Kenichi Matsuyama in this...and I think this was the second film I saw him in? (the first was Nana) but Light -.- arghh~ I've read the manga, watched most of the anime...and seen the films so many times~ and every time Light Yagami makes me angry~~ I guess I'm on L's side instead ^^ Anyway~~ Kate's scared of リュク~ so that was fun ^^ 

Finally we watched Jaejoong obvs...천국의 우편 배달부~ ^^ and I think we've established plenty of times my love for JJ...I've been a Cassiopeia for around 6 years now~ and Jaejoong was the one who got me into K-pop in the first place~ so yep~ I think watching that with Kate made her think I was a 사생팬 .. but oh well ^^ JYJ and Jaejoong are perfect~ and this film reinforces that JJ and I are on the same wave-length ^^ 
(and yep. of course I'm listening to Jaejoong's voice rn...)
The appearance of Coffee shops in this film makes me happy as well...although most Korean films seem to have at least one coffee shop scene~ but this just satisfies the secret desire of mine to open a coffee shop one day ^^ ㅋㅋㅋ 

Time for some quick pictures and selca from the evening now! ^^

Mirror selca from my 니스라 nose strip ^^ This strip never fits my nose properly ㅋㅋㅋ (stupid small Minho face) but hey~ how can anyone watch TV without products on their face? I find it physically impossible to watch TV without a nose strip, eye patches or sheet masks on at some point ^^ 
Although I forgot to use another one of the Face Shop masks...

Our movie setup! Yep...that's my dog running around there xD then just some mattresses...and the TV with 花木兰 playing in the background!

The amount of times I got called a tramp in this outfit -.- I was going to give you an OOTD...but I realised that pretty much everything is just from UNIQLO...other than my hat~ which is the new one from Forever21 that I showed you guys in my haul the other day!

And one final shot of the mirror by Kate, before I finish up here and wish you all a Happy 2013 and let you know my goals for this year!

As I pointed out yesterday, today is my anniversary of my blog...sort of. I created this blog 2 years ago today~ sure I barely posted on here at first~ and actually 2012 was really the first time I got into blogging. Mainly due to the fact that I started going out more and buying more stuff online to share with you all~ Because I'm now in 6th Form and some of my friends have gone and left me now *cough* KATE *cough* or I'm not seeing them as much, I'm ending up putting in more effort when I do actually see people now ㅋㅋㅋ or at least I feel like I do anyway! It is strange though to thing that this time 2 years ago I was doing I'm doing A Levels...and this time next year on my 3rd anniversary post, I should hopefully be at university!
This last year has been perfect in my opinion.  I can't remember one time that hasn't worked out exactly how I wanted it - with the exception of my history results of course ㅋㅋㅋ but even that worked out in the end - and unlike last year, I actually feel like I've improved in all aspects of my life ^^ 
I've now got a black belt in Shotokan karate...I've got some AS Levels done...I've stabilized my weight...I've finally got over my fear of coloured clothes (I used to pretty much just wear brown exclusively)~ and even though I haven't really put myself out there that much with Uljjang competitions and sites and everything~ I'm not sure that's exactly what I want right now anyway...
I saw Big Bang~ We had Gangnam Style come over for the Hallyu Wave~ 2012 has been the year for K-pop and the Hallyu wave in my opinion...and with 2013 coming in now and even more of Korea coming slowly over to the West (Teen Top next month?) you should be seeing more and more of my posts being Hallyu related... I'm still undecided about whether I support the Hallyu wave...but I've now come to the conclusion that I don't have to take a side, it's just a thing that's there...sitting in the background~ K-pop needs to just be integrated into the west, rather than every song having the crazy impact that PSY did with his 6th album! But that's a long story!
I've finally become pretty proud of this little corner of the internet I think~ it's turning into a place finally that's just for me. I think my transition to doing my own graphics and labels/buttons/headers makes me more happy with this blog finally...I can create things that I actually like and not feel like it's other peoples creations with just my words~ my blog is my little corner of the internet that I have control over~ and that makes me happy ^^ being the control freak that I am!

For my goals this year~ I decided I won't go for anything extreme like marrying HyunJoong (as nice as that would be) but I'll stick to stuff that actually I can achieve so I'm motivated to stay around for 2013 as well!
My goals for 2011 were fulfilled, I now use my username SakuraPikuseru (SakuraPigsel for Korean audiences) pretty much everywhere~ and you can now google my username and it'll come up exclusively with me (one of the benefits of having such an odd username!) and I also lost a lot of weight ^^
I didn't make one for 2012...but I did post near the end of 2011  with some items from Korea...which have now grown to a crazy amount~ now pretty much all of my cosmetics and skincare is from Korea~ the majority of my clothes are from Chinese and Japanese brands and well my room is just filled with K-pop! My K-pop wall is nearly complete (I swear my printer runs out of ink too quickly) and well everything is just perfect and how I like it!
I'm going to set 5 goals this year. I was going to go with 10...but 10 is a lot to get through!

  1. Carry on blogging! It might be a tough one, but I want to get double the amount of page views that I have blog is much more efficient now~ and recently I've had a big increase in readers...I've started getting more into blogging and I think I can now get out better reviews and posts quicker for you all now that I've got used to everything! I used to spend days sitting procrastinating doing posts...and then barely anyone would read it -_- or I'd wack one up in 5 minutes and then end up taking it down because I hated it. Carry on blogging might be quite a vague goal...but with A levels and University, I know it's going to be hard to manage everything~ but lets go for it!
  2. Go to another K-pop concert~! After Big Bang's concert a couple of weeks ago, it's motivated me to go to more~ I'm not going to lie to you guys, because a lot of the k-pop fans I know are Indonesian or Chinese...I assumed the majority of k-pop fans would be Asian...BB proved me wrong on that~ and I think that numbers of White British and just general White people around have motivated me to stick around longer~ because no one likes to be the odd one out really do they?
  3. Learn Hangeul and learn all of the basic kanji! Finally~ I'm so slack at Korean and Japanese...I've started to only be able to speak to people who do karate in Japanese, simply because the majority of the words I know are karate ones...all of the terminology and the types of sentences I can form are now karate or martial arts related because...that's what I use ^^ and with Korean~ it's mainly stuff to do with the media...I need to learn more basic Korean phrases and grammar and the alphabet properly~ and learn more terminology and kanji for Japanese!
  4. Be Happy! This is such a stupid one...but the amount of things I go along with...the amount of meet-ups I go to...that I don't want to do~ it's starting to really bug me. I really need to start saying no to things I don't want to do~ and need to start telling others what I want and what I want to do~ I also just leave things a lot...the amount of things that I want to happen~ and just expect it to come to me... I need to start being more active and make myself happy by myself!
  5. Hang on! I need to hang onto the friends I've got. From online people, to Kate and my 언니~ I always feel like that I never bother with people a lot...I need to make more effort with my friends I think and just treat everyone better more~ ^^ I need to hang on to them as well because knowing me~ once we finish school/college, I'm going to get lazy and not end up texting people or phoning them or bothering to meet everyone...and then we'll all drift apart. So here it is guys. In writing. I'm going to make so much effort with you all this year. I'm going to keep texting you until you can't stand looking at your phone because you know that it's going to be my name you see on your screen. I'm going to be organising the most meet-ups ever~ I'm going to be everywhere~! ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
They're all pretty vague in some respects...but they're all things that mean a lot to me. This blog is now starting to take some form of priority finally, along with my friends and my own happiness~ obviously~ k-pop is always there in the background as it has always been. It's interesting to see that there's no ulzzang one this year as well...honestly...I'm not that bothered about it. I don't want to push it. I've seen so many friends who started the same time as me~ and they've pushed more than I did at the start...but we're all still at the same sort of level (and some further behind...even though they're pretty!) Honestly. If it wants to happen then it'll come. But I don't want to push it. Ulzzang can easily annoy me~ I'm not always the best at taking I don't really want to make myself upset or insecure ^^ not once I'm finally happy at last!

Welcome to 2013 guys! Happy new year~ what are your goals?