Let's Keep in Touch?

You've probably heard that Google Friend Connect is supposed to be shutting down? If not, it's supposed to be gone by July of this year.
This is the reason for my surprise Wednesday post! I just wanted to let you all know of different ways you can use to keep in touch with me! I'll share with you the 4 main sites you can use to follow my feed!

Also! Hello to all the new followers! ♥ It feels so great to see people commenting and looking at things~ I'm definitely glad that I changed my blog theme now! :') Thanks to those of you who were already following, and welcome to everyone who is new around here!

Follow on Bloglovin 
1. Blog Lovin'
The main replacement that appears to be popping up in the place of GFC. Junjun has made a tutorial on how to move all of your GFC feeds easily over to Blog Lovin' as well, so you can read that here.
Blog Lovin' is really easy to use! And I've only been using it for a couple of days so far, but I actually really like it! You can create an account even if you're not a blogger, just to follow your feeds. They also have an app for smartphones/tablets.

2. Facebook
Every time I post something I place the link on my facebook page. So an easy way to make sure you're seeing everything is by liking my page! You can click the icon below to take you to my facebook page to like it:

3. Twitter
The easiest by far. The only warning I'd give is that I tweet a lot. If you're happy to put up with the quantity of tweets, then feel free to follow me on twitter! Twitter is my most up to date site, I'm on it constantly and if you @ me then I'm likely to reply within 1 hour even when I'm in a class (normally it's like 10 minutes...but I'll say 1 hour... in case I'm in a lecture!)
You can follow me on twitter here or click the icon below:

4. Hello Cotton
This site doesn't seem as popular as the other 3. I actually really like Hello Cotton and it's great for finding new blogs! I was originally going in between the same 2/3 blog circles, never really finding any new blogs until I started to use Hello Cotton! The service just shows you the feed of the blog in a simple way, when clicking on a post , it displays the same as Blog Lovin'. You can follow my blog by clicking on the link here.

Those are the main 4 that I use, of course you can also follow me on instagram here, but I don't really update that regularly at the moment (because I have a blackberry which doesn't run the app).

What sites do you use to follow your blogs on? How do you feel about Google Friend Connect closing? Will it make much difference to how you read/follow blogs?

Have a nice day everyone! And see you on Sunday for my haul post~