Have you caught the Hallyu wave?

By the fact that you're sitting here reading my blog~ and the majority of you are k-poppers... I'm going to assume so ㅋㅋㅋBut has everyone else caught on yet?
I obviously can't speak for other countries~~ but K-pop and the Hallyu wave seems to have taken off more in Asian countries and some European ones as well...
In England though?
Not so much...

The reason why I wanted to post this now? Well England seem to catch on with everything too late~ our fashion comes later, our movies come later and of course~ so do music trends -_- At the moment, 강남스터일 seems to have taken off in England, probably during the course of this week~ It's been on the radio, in the newspapers and playing just in the streets.
Of course though, this has got the baby British k-poppers excited...I mean the ones who came to k-pop recently~ EXO fans and the lot~~ *bless them* what the k-poppers of the country need to realise though is that 강남스타일 is simply a fad~ British people don't honestly care for k-pop, the same as they don't care for anything that isn't in English particularly. So I just want to reinforce that k-pop is not here to stay. K-pop in England started with 강남스타일 and ends with 강남스타일~ It's kind of the sad truth~

Sure, CN Blue are in London today~~~ *so jealous of Xiao -_- I wish me and my unnis were seeing them today, but welcome to England CN Blue!* and Big Bang will keep winning awards, 2NE1 will come out with their English album~ The Wonder Girls movie will be shown over on British TV~ but that doesn't turn British people into K-poppers~

And~ do we really want that anyway? Do we want the directioners and beliebers stealing our opppparrs? Do you want the average teenage girl to be a shawol? Or a b2uty? I can assure you, as much as I want my groups to come and perform in England, and I want Etude House and Skin Food and Tony Moly to sell their products over here~ I definitely don't want k-pop to be super popular~

I've been a k-popper since around Super Junior's debut in 2005~ Since then, I've seen plenty of different waves of fan girls (and boys), but none have been the general British public~ If British people like k-pop they usually like other awesome stuff too (slightly biased...yes, but you get what I mean~) or they have like a million Korean friends who have forced them into it~

Either way, I'm glad 싸이 has been getting some press recently and well done~ but please don't go too far and embarrass yourself~ YG is in the lead at the moment - well in my opinion anyway - and you need to make papa YG proud! ㅋㅋ 

I think that's my main points on the subject, I didn't really have much to say honestly, I just wanted you all to think about the Hallyu Wave in your countries~ 
And do you even have a Hallyu Wave yet? I know ours is pretty small~

If you have recently come into k-pop to try and be all elitist and cool and indie though? Don't bother~ the real k-pop fans won't like you and everyone else will already know the music~ so you won't be cool~

Have a nice day anyway ;D And good luck to K-pop groups trying to break into the Western markets~

PS: Here's a forum topic where people are discussing the Hallyu Wave which is kind of interesting to see other peoples views CLICK HERE

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