ETUDE HOUSE 해피 에센셜 폴 #1 콜라겐 (Happy Essential Foam #1 Collagen) & Happy New Year!

This purchase simply came as a result of my previous cleanser running out... I needed a new cleanser~ and I knew I wanted an Etude House one ㅋㅋ it was just a choice of which one~  Kate is currently using the #2 히알루론산 and she liked it~ so I decided to try that series out~ but get the 콜라겐 instead~
As usual, I ordered through cosmetic-love and it only cost $9.48 so that was all great and perfect! I'm not going to go into the package and everything itself, because there's plenty of details of cosmetic-love as a seller on the haul tag ㅋㅋ

The product itself is a good size, it lasts for a long time, it doesn't smell too strong (it has the same scent as the 콜라겐 아이패지, which is understandable because they're both collagen products). The cleanser claims to "gently remove impurities...promote elasticity and firmness" and creates "happy...clean, smooth, and soft" skin [taken from the back English section of the bottle].
There's 150ml of product and I personally only use the same amount as I do toothpaste ㅋㅋㅋ but I suppose the amount of product you use depends on how big your face is and how well it lathers using your water (did you know that different types of water create different amounts of lather?)

When I received the bottle, it came in a plastic cover which had a sticker detailing the ingredients on it in both English and Korean.
It sounds picky...but this already made a difference to my opinion of the cleanser and Etude House as a brand. It's only a small sticker on the back, but this allows you to see if there's any chemicals that you're sensitive to~ whilst also letting you know that no-one else has opened the tube before you use it (I always get paranoid that someone has opened my products before I get them -_-). So this was a nice touch.

Little things like plastic covers, security labels and boxes let the customer know that their product is secure~ then we know that we're getting a proper product and it's safe~
Then we trust them more...and come back again ㅋㅋㅋ

This is the front sticker~ the packaging is just so cute isn't it? Happy Essential Foam is a good name for this product, simply because it makes me happy just looking at it! I always love Etude House's packaging...even if they're slightly childish sometimes, they're cute to look at...and that makes me happier ^^ (so cheesy~~~~-_-)

The back of the packaging is split into two sections, a Korean and English translation of the directions, basic information, caution notes and Etude House's address. At the top of the bottle is the date of manufacture. 

I took at separate picture of the English section for you, just click on the picture and it'll expand to full size so you can read it more clearly, although it's all pretty basic stuff really! The only thing that I'd say personally is important, is that you make sure you've wet your face and hand before you use this otherwise it won't lather properly!

This is a quick picture of the lid, it should come with a security foil on as well, so you'll have to remove the cap and take that off before you attempt to use it ㅋㅋㅋ (not like me, who kept squeezing it...and nothing came out!) but again, like the plastic cover, this is reassuring~ it's like double protection ㅋㅋㅋ

 at $9.48 (that's £5.83 / around 73 HKD / 10,000 Won) it's pretty good in my opinion! It's one of the cheapest cleansers on the market and you get 150ml of product for that~ I've also been using it regularly (twice a day) for the past 2-3 weeks and the bottle is still pretty much full! So you get a lot of product for that!

 it does smell, I'm not going to lie to you can't smell it when it's on...but it does smell of what I assume must be the collagen if the Etude House eye patches smell of the same thing? But don't take my word for that! But the smell is nice and it's not too strong!

 it's small enough to travel with but big enough to use properly as a regular cleanser (as opposed to simply a travel one) fits just about in my current travel makeup/skincare bag (which I'll be sharing soon) but if it was any bigger then it would probably be impractical to carry.

 is perfect! You guys are probably aware of my bias towards Etude House now simply for the price and the packaging! The packaging is so cute and fits perfectly with Etude House's concept... (and the photoshoot with Dara and SHINee ㅋㅋㅋ)
I don't have much to say about this...other than that I'd buy it simply for the cute packaging! Especially the Blue, Pink and Yellow types!

 it's a nice cleanser, I think I'd probably go back to this series again once this one has run out (as long as they still sell it of course) I like collagen products, I like Etude House, I like the packaging, I like the price and most importantly~ I like how this product works! It's easy to use, it lathers up easily and it leaves my skin feeling clean and clear and firmer~ ^^  I'd give this one....a 5~! ^^ ㅋㅋㅋ

On a side note! Happy New Year everyone! My New Years goals will be up in tomorrows post which will be about my pre-2013 movie night with my 언니 Kate, so look forward to that~~ ^^ and I'll see you in 2013...which will also be my blog anniversary! ^^ So that'll be exciting won't it? I've come a long way since then...and I can't wait to carry on blogging next year and develop my own personal style of blogging and share more stuff with you all!
Happy New Year! ♥