Hallyu Takeover at Bluewater...

Something has changed recently hasn't it? Blogging is now easier~ and I think finally I'm starting to really enjoy this now~ it's no longer a chore and a massive load of work... it's currently 23:30PM and I've just come home from my trip out to Bluewater mall in Kent and I'm genuinely sitting writing this now...I've done photos~ I've done everything. Quickly. Wow. I'm motivated right now!

Maybe it's due to the title! Perhaps the first thing I should do is explain the title...
If you've already seen my twitter then maybe you've already guessed what I'm going to say~ but Mr Simple. In England. In John Lewis. Playing. All day. I think that's genuinely made my day right now. Not only that~ but Shindong and Sungmin had pretty good parts in it in my opinion ^^ Even though Heechul wasn't in this promo video (or Kangin) it wasn't too bad!
If you haven't seen the video (which I actually hadn't...) then you can watch it here...but obvs that version isn't in 3D like it was in the store~
I took a picture of it from one of the screens from you all, but because it's in 3D and my phone can't view...well 3D...because it doesn't have glasses ㅋㅋㅋ it looks kind of funny!

After all that excitement...I felt the need then to spread the love and go round and stick some more K-pop music videos on in the rest of the department...Samsung had already been covered by Big Bang, LG had taken Super Junior~ so Microsoft and Apple and everyone got their fair share of Boyfriend's JANUS, BAP and Block B ㅋㅋㅋ The rest of the customers must have thought it was like National Korea Day or something ^^ Well~ I was just helping to spread the Hallyu Wave ^^
(Although...I must admit that I wasn't alone in this xD I did enrol the help of my brother and my dad~~so thanks guise. I think my dad just ended up getting distracted by GD and Shindong...he's got a thing for them...because he can remember their names xD)

Moving on from John Lewis then and onto the regular normal shopping now then!
After Christmas, I feel the need to suddenly spend every penny I've earned and go on a huge shopping spree at the post-Christmas sales! This year I barely bought anything (mainly because I spent quite a lot before Christmas...but also because I kept getting distracted...) and only actually spent around £40 (not including food) during the whole day!
So lets share what I bought then! I'll split it up by shop~

This photo is probably really weird...especially because I here that in Japan...you don't have to pay for tissues xD 
Well here you do! And here's my little stack of wet wipes and tissues~ because I didn't have to pay for anything in Accessorize today~ I took advantage of that~ and instead of just buying a ton of bags and shoes like usual, I actually bought something useful and got wet wipes and tissues...because they were cute. And half price! So I got twice as many...even though I wasn't actually paying anyway ㅋㅋㅋ
I bought 3 packs of wet wipes and 2 packs of tissues.

My main purchase in Accessorize was this bag...not much stood out to me today in there~ so in the end~ I'd gone in with the intent to buy a small bag~ so I had to leave with one!
This was cute and had enough space for my stuff...without being huge, like most of my bags...so I bought it. 
I'm not in love with it...but it works and it's a decent colour.

This was probably my favourite thing though from Accessorize (apart from a collection of pants...which I don't think I'll post a picture of xD). I have so many bows now though...but it's cute and it's another one to my collection~ It's pretty study as well. The problem I have with a lot of bows is that they're not firm enough to stay in place properly throughout the day -.-

Next I went over to Forever21...and I feel like I spent forever in there...but didn't actually buy anything really. I tried on loads...but all of it didn't sit right on me -.- so I didn't buy any of them. I only left with this hat. My buddy has been going on at me for ages to buy a nice hat~ so I hope this satisfies her finally now ㅋㅋ If not? Then I like it, so there! It only cost £4.90 as well~ so that's always good!

Then off for a quick break...I grabbed some doughnuts and then had to decide what I wanted to eat for some late lunch. It basically came down to CN Blue's TGI Fridays or Wagamamas. In the end, CN Blue won~ and I ate some lunch...which I didn't actually seem to take a picture of -.- FML. Ahh well~ I'm sure you can imagine it...if not, then here's CN Blue's cm for TGI Fridays!

 Then off to some more shops, from the kitchen sorts of places~ then to that acupuncture place~ that I've temporarily forgotten the name of -.-
But then finally we got to UNIQLO! ^^ Yay! That was my main shop that I wanted to visit~ there was plenty of stuff that I wanted to order online, but I wasn't sure of the sizing...with Uniqlo, I can go anywhere between XS to M depending on how I want it to sit...so I'm glad I went into the store! There was so much that I would have bought, but it actually looked awful on me!
I ended up buying 2 things~ and then my brothers both got more than me -.- but hey~ mine are nicer xD
I just realised you can't really tell much about what I bought from these pictures...so here's a quick link to both of the products, so you can see them on the store site!
I bought the colour leggings in the colour blue and then my jumper doesn't actually seem to be on the site -.- but it's the jumper version of this tunic~
Which I actually tried on the tunic as well~ but that didn't sit right and made me look about 2 foot tall...so I gave that a miss!
I also looked at this...but I can't remember why I didn't get it...probably just forgot about it, knowing me xD
Did you guys know that Uniqlo made kids clothes though? Either they've just started making them...or I've just never paid attention before, but I took the opportunity there to kit my baby brother out in the stuff!

After that, I was pretty much done! I just headed down to the Winter Garden and got something from わさび...but I couldn't decide whether I liked that...-.-
And then~~ headed home! (after going back to John Lewis once more! ^^ ~~although...to be fair, my car was parked near John Lewis and I had to walk through the shop anyway to reach it!)

So that was my day shopping~! I don't feel like I bought much actually now...probably because I spent more time picking stuff out and then putting it back! And I was also with my family~
I'm also getting more picky about stuff I buy now...whereas before I used to just buy everything I saw, just because it was there...now I'll only get what I need...but maybe that's because my wardrobe can't handle it more than anything!

I'm also about to order another couple of items from YesWalker and some more from CosmeticLove soon...so I didn't want to end up broke~! And I also didn't want to buy things like a new wallet or bag or skincare stuff particularly because I knew I was ordering them already~^^

Have any of you guys been post-Christmas sale shopping? Where did you go and what was your experience? Also! Have you seen the LG and TGI Friday's adverts? Are there any other Korean adverts being shown in your country? ^^ And finally! How's the Hallyu wave getting along where you are?
<3 Merry Christmas and Happy New Year guise! ㅋㅋㅋㅋ