Being the only person in the library...should make me more productive. However, without people judging me for not working, I'm so unmotivated (once again to do anything school related) so therefore, this hour of my life shall be partially spent by re-living my experience on the weekend!
BIG BANG 15.12.12 (shame it wasn't on the 12th really wasn't it?)
Well, Saturday was amazing. We'll just stick that out there! Loads of bloggers have already been way faster than me (is that anything new though really?) and already put up posts and vlogs on the day. Suzi, Xiao, and Nicol have all posted and obvs Seungri's video of the encore is up as well.

Quick run down of my day though actually!
I went with my buddy S언니~
Our feet and our bags~!
It was JKSK grading day, so I'd dropped off imaarocus off at the venue, and then went on to her house~ then we went to the train station - after having train problems - we got into London and jammed at Westfield for a bit~
Where there was a man waiting for us at the station looking for his "saviour", due to the world ending and all!
Looked at all the pretty Christmas lights, did some spontaneous Christmas shopping and then grabbed a Starbucks to have on the way to Wembley Arena.
The Christmas lights~~!

(Which I have to point out, was a highly disappointing experience! I should have taken a picture of it~ but I had my usual cheese and marmite panini...but all the cheese fell out of the bottom and ended up in a mess at the bottom... -_- and normally I'd just eat it anyway...but I was on the middle of the subway :L)

Moving on though! We got there finally~ and after walking the whole way across the stadium to get to the arena (just to make life harder for ourselves) we found the lines...which I swear...they were doubling in size every time we blinked! In the end, we queued at least 6 times... and 3 of those involved trying to get a crown stick -_-

 ** which quick note! to the girl who we saw with the fringe when we were in the first line for the sticks... you've got pretty hair! ;D aha~ **

Eventually we got one (felt kind of bad for not getting Aaron anything though...he loves YG more than me xD) and found our seats!
We were in seating and I got an aisle seat...which I was happy about initially~ but after a while~ I did feel a little left out on the left side of me -_- so that was sad~
S언니 + I 
I'm just going to put this out there though~
I've got a new found love for Seungri now!

I was a little indifferent towards him before Saturday, like I acknowledged that he's talented and everything~ but he was my lowest ranked BB member...
After his "alright"s though...I think I do genuinely love him a little more xD I'll create a selection of my favourite quotes from Seungri from the night for you, just so you can experience the accent and everything for yourself xD
The Venue~ All the lights made me feel so Christmassy! ^^

Daesung bless him as well~ as 언니 said~ Dae looked like he was going to cry half way through his little speech xD
TOP? Barely strung 2 words together, as usual~ his multi-lingual ability never fails to impress me xD he gave up on English pretty quickly though, and changed back into Korean~ which obvs meant that we didn't pick up on everything he was chatting about~ The girl behind me just said to her friend (who appeared to be TOP biased, judging by her screaming xD) "so~ what did he ACTUALLY just say then??" ~which pretty much summed up TOP for the night!
(although, top got the loudest screams of the night, england? I love you guys. you have good taste!)
Doesn't it just look so magical? With all the crown sticks and lights! ㅋㅋㅋ

GD? Did his usual lying on the floor gig. Pronounced "fun" weirdly~ and told us to "put your fucking hands up"~ That just about gives you an accurate picture of the leader for the evening!
Baby Tae though (I'm not sure what makes him a baby)~ his interactions with Seungri is what really made my night I think! It's one thing watching them perform and listening to them live, but watching Taeyang and Seungri chatting to each other (and trying to get rid of Seungri xD) was cute~
Finally got myself a crown stick xD
This was actually only my 2nd concert (both k-pop and not) which doesn't sound too bad, but considering how long I've been in this for~ it's not great XD (should have really skipped my maths exam to see SHINee shouldn't I?)
(The other group I saw was DNT...but that was years ago now xDD)
So close...yet so far...

So, thank you G-Dragon, TaeYang, T.O.P, V.I. and D-Lite for a fun evening! I hope to see you guys again~ because that would be awesome! And Seungri should be moving to Chelsea some time soon anyways xD
The Aftermath~~!
I'm glad you guys played How Gee~~~ and Haru Haru~~ and yeah~ twas good~ made my Christmas a little I think~
Thanks to my buddy for coming with me as well~ ^^ and screaming as much
(well nearly more...) than I did! ^^ <3

Move back everybody! (sorry for the shakiness!)

 This isn't my footage...but I thought I'd share this one with you guys.
Haru Haru means a lot to me. Firstly, it's the first song by Big Bang that I REALLY got into...
I'd listened to the before and I had some of their older stuff...but until Haru Haru~ I was a bit indifferent.
Secondly, I can't actually listen to this song without tearing up...there's something about it that's just so emotional!
I did actually cry a little during this performance I think xDDD