24 freaking thousand~!

That's right, 24000 tweets. That's a milestone isn't it? I now seem to be counting every time I reach another 1000 mark, but it's so much fun! Looking back at some of my past tweets and what I was like, even if it's only from the start of the year! I've changed so much and I've grown up so much during 2012! It sounds cheesy, but I'm proud of myself.

When I created my twitter, I was pretty suckish. I created my blog...and I was a crappy blogger (well in my opinion..) until the later half of this year~
And now this years project...ulzzangs~~

This post is a sort of review I suppose, of things that have happened since my 20,000 mark in  April of this year

Honestly speaking? Not much.
Obviously I've had all of my exams for AS...so I suppose you could mention my Philosophy/Ethics results in that~
In two days time, I'm going for my black belt in Shotokan karate~
My blog has developed so much. I don't feel like I'm doing much when I'm writing these days, but looking at the cheesy and "かわいい" graphics I was using at the start of the year...and when I changed my entire layout every other day...it's no wonder I didn't get many page views...^^
I've managed to man-up and tell everyone about my story, my surgery information was shared with the world, along with my weight loss story.

It's been an eventful year all in all. I've met a ton of new and supportive people and "fans" (god I hate that word)...I've also lost a lot and had to let go of people~
But all in all, I feel pretty happy with myself. I'm satisfied with where I am at the moment. For once, I'm not insecure. Sure, I have my days.. but don't we all? But looking back to the start of the year, I'm definitely hundreds of times better with myself now. I'm happy.
And honestly? That's all I care about.

I've now learnt that I need to satisfy myself. That's all. If I'm feeling shitty about myself, then I need to go out and fix that. If someone is rude...then I need to let them go. Going against that stupid quote that tells you to keep your enemies close...I don't want to even see them or their comments~ sure. I'll acknowledge that you exist, but that doesn't mean I'm going to listen to you guys. ㅋㅋㅋ

24,000 is a big number. 25,000 is an even bigger number! And with every new tweet, I reach more and more people...more and more page views~ and it genuinely makes my day when you guys will respond and converse your opinions based on my posts and tweets. At the end of the day, my reviews are supposed to aid and my opinion and exploration posts are supposed to encourage discussion.

Yet...I do have one problem...with the whole Ulzzang project.
Honestly? I'm not getting anywhere. Truthfully? I haven't really tried that hard...but I have simply just spent some time on Facebook, ICU...and one Cyworld group.
Realistically...I'm not particularly charismatic. So no matter what face I have, I don't think I'll be satisfied until I've worked on my speaking abilities!
That makes me come across as really needy and pathetic.
But I'm useless at conversing with you all when you see me in real life. I swear. Even when I see someone I want to say hi to, I can't man-up and do it.
I'm just going to give myself some time and take it slowly and I'll be able to do it~

The trick to this business?
Take it at your own pace.
Rush into it, and you won't be able to actually face all the criticism. I'm just waiting now for my big break~ I'll just have to keep taking more selca and post them everywhere and just go for it~ xD

I'll leave you all now, with a photo from my karate club's Christmas dinner photo! Have a wonderful Christmas everyone! Work hard~ Enjoy yourself~
And I'll be back with the Big Bang Alive Tour in London post some time after Saturday (because the concert is on Saturday...xD honestly though? I just want to meet Xiaorishu now! ㅋㅋㅋ she's so awesome~ so it would be great to see both her and Big Bang in the same day!)~~~ also! If you're going to the BB concert, then let me know! ^^ I want to take as many photos as humanly possible!

Love you all! Enjoy the rest of the week~~~ ♥♥