A Gift From YesWalker.com

Afternoon everyone! So as you may already know, just before Christmas YesWalker - YesStyle.com's newest sub-site - gave me a $50 voucher to spend on whatever I liked in the store.

Initially I was looking at new purses and bags...but by the time I got onto the site and everything properly, the purse I wanted was sold out in every colour other than yellow...considering I'm not brave enough yet to try yellows, I decided to look for some shoes.
Then I found these oxfords. These are sold in beige, brown and black x white...obviously, being me and having the need to only buy brown shoes, I went for brown.

I'm not going to lie. These took a while to come in the post. To be fair, it was snowing~ so that probably slowed down the postage a little. Then~ because of the snow, I couldn't really wear these out! And I didn't want to share my review without wearing them a few times, so that's my explanation of why this has taken a while to get to you guys!
Before I get into this though...I'd quickly like to say, that although the shoes were a gift from YesWalker, this is not a sponsored review~ I did not have to review these! So therefore, I feel like I can be pretty honest about what I think! ㅎ so that's nice!

I'm going to be honest with you guys. There is nothing I find more exciting than new shoes. When this package came I knew it would be great. Obviously, there was no risk involved in this purchase (having not paid anything ㅋㅋㅋ) so normally I'm too scared to purchase shoes online, I have pretty small and thin feet~ so shoe shopping can be a bit of a chore most of the time! But this allowed me to try out YesWalker and YesStyle's collection and sizing without worrying about anything.

So far, I have to say, I'm pretty impressed with how YesWalker are going about things. In comparison to YesStyle and YesAsia - who I've had issues with both - YesWalker are pretty much seamless, offer free worldwide shipping and have almost a constant round of offers, sales and deals going on. These days, the thing that seems to get customers coming back every time is free shipping and offers - which is understandable - so YesWalker are playing it all right at the moment! They just need to keep it up now!

As you can see, the box was slightly dented on the top. Otherwise it was pretty much intact! Which is pretty good considering. I think my postman was having troubles in all of the snow and everything...(as you'll be able to see in my next couple of reviews, the boxes are all dented/ruined!) So I'm going to blame this dent on my postman!

In case you haven't already noticed by now, I love details. Companies who pay attention to details immediately get into my good books honestly. This was the pattern inside the box. It may seem like a simple, boring thing...but they could have easily just left it blank. So thanks guys.

Similarly, this was the inside when I opened it. I just assumed that it would be a plain box with some shoes inside. I didn't really think about the quality of the products and the wrapping. By now, I've just assumed that Hong Kong and most Asian brands in general aren't as bothered by small details like this... I'm sorry guys, I've been proved wrong. The shoes were wrapped up well and I like the bag they came in...because I'm weird and OCD.

I took out the tissue paper so you could see the entire contents, there's just a card, the receipt and then the shoes in the bag. I'm so used to getting samples and free gifts with my purchases these days, that it's definitely strange just getting what I ordered...but hey. 

This was the card that came with it. I don't know Chinese...so I have no idea what it says, so if anyone does then please can you let me know? Just out of curiosity! I only know about 3 characters...ㅋㅋㅋ

These are the shoes I got as you can see! They're by the brand SO Central...Yeah. I'm not going to really say anything about this picture because it's pretty much self-explanatory!

This purchase just seemed to consist of my preconceptions. And I was always surprised whilst opening this. I assumed it would just be a drawstring bag...but nope! It was a proper full out shoe bag. 
I saved this to use when I'm travelling because I thought it would be useful! I mean, especially when you go to the gym or the spa~ and you don't know where to put your shoes..and then they just sit on top of your bag in the locker? Well now I can put them inside a bag! Or weekend trips and I just want two pairs of shoes! Anyway...I probably could have found one of these bags on eBay for like 50p...but it's the thought that counts right?

The only thing that slightly irritated me was the bottom. Not only is there paint on here - it was dried and just scratched off - but the yellow colour (which I thought was really pretty) comes off easily. These shoes felt really nice to walk in the first couple of wears. They were like bowling shoes...but then the soles wore away really quickly. Because I have my back injury still slightly as well, that meant that they wore away in funny places...so the shoes now have some sort of camouflage thing going on...But I guess it is just the bottom, and no one sees that!

Overall, these shoes are very comfortable. I've not had any blisters from these at all, I've worn them a number of times so far~ they've never slipped (because I have a thin heel, my shoes tend to slip off from the back) and they're just nice and easy. They match with almost any outfit...and although the large majority of my shoes are brown (and the exact same shade of brown) I do feel like these still have a much needed place in my wardrobe. These are slowly becoming one of my favourite day-time shoes. Generally, I really don't care enough about shoes...but these are simple enough for me not to worry about them but still know I look alright. 

Also, the laces...I feel like laces are something that can easily be overlooked in a shoe. The laces on these are round. Personally I would never choose round laces when I'm designing a shoe...they're more prone to coming undone...however, a flat lace wouldn't suit the feel of these~ and therefore I'll forgive them. I do actually always double-knot my shoelaces so that's not a problem for me anyway. Similarly, the aglet is pretty sturdy.
Basically, the worse thing to happen in a shoe (other than the sole falling off) is the aglet breaking. If the aglet breaks, the whole lace will break. So when buying shoes, always check the sole and the aglets (if it has them obvs)...

That's basically my rundown of these shoes. They should have been about $50 I think? So that's the value of them anyway, sorry if I didn't really cover the costs in this post...

Hope you're all well and enjoy my mountain of posts that I'm going to give to you guys over the course of this week! ㅋㅋ Think of it as a slightly late Valentine's Day present to you all! I have so many things to share with you!