갈아만든 마스크 시트 석류 [The Face Shop - Real Nature Mask Pomegranate]

So this is the second part in my mini-series of THEFACESHOP's Real Nature Mask line. I've actually only got 3 types so far~ but I think I probably will eventually buy some more flavours once these ones run out! I'm not going to go through all of where I bought these masks and everything because I went through all of that stuff in the Aloe type (part one) which you can read here! So check that out if you haven't read the first one! ㅋㅋㅋ

First thing I'm going to say, is that this mask is quite different to the other~ I didn't believe the other reviews when they were mentioning differences~ they all looked the same to me, and I thought that the only difference would be the smell... 오모 was I wrong!

Secondly, I thought I'd give you some background on The Face Shop, I don't think enough Blogger's give details about the company themselves, they show the products and everything, but not what the brand is like! So here's a quick run down on The Face Shop!
Currently Girls' Generation's Seohyun is the face of the brand, past models though include SS501's leader and Hallyu star Kim Hyun Joong and SM Entertainment's rookie group EXO-K! So basically, The Face Shop love nature. They have 3 main points that they want to get across to you all...

  1. We trust the wisdom of nature
  2. We deliver the true story of nature
  3. We act for your skin (whilst respecting nature)

In short? They love nature. They only opened in 2003, the next year they opened stores overseas~ by 2006 they'd opened 100 stores overseas - including countries such as USA and China - so they're pretty big. The Face Shop are known for being cheap and convenient. Personally, other than Innisfree, The Face Shop is one of my favourite skincare brands~ they're pretty simple with ingredients and due to my sensitive skin, that's a big factor for me!

Onto the Pomegranate mask itself then! 

Here's the Korean instructions and a quick diagram of how to use it, it's all pretty basic and normal~ However one thing I will add here is: although it states to use for 15-20 minutes, I'd recommend waiting until it dries out. There's a lot of product on this mask and it's pretty thick, I was wearing this for at least an hour before it dried, that way you get more out of it! Although, if you want to use it daily or regularly, then perhaps not~ depending on your frequency of usage I'd change the amount of time you leave it on. Personally, I use them between once every 7-10 days, so I don't feel like I'll break out leaving it on for so long!

See how thick it is? It's crazy how thick this thing is, I'm not sure whether it's a good or bad thing. I get more for my money...but it's heavy to wear...so I guess it just depends on personal preference!

Ingredients list and directions and stuff in English, because The Face Shop is a global company and all, although! I'm surprised there's no Chinese instructions...maybe on the ones they sell in China? I'm not sure...

The cuts are quite large. But then again...I'm not particularly one to judge~! You all know that I have a face the size of SHINee's Minho or Ulzzang Hong Young Ki...so this is probably just normal people size!

 Here's the obligatory face mask post, I hate these things! You can't have any expression in them because otherwise the mask falls off! ㅋㅋㅋ oh well! You can see my fake bob that I was wearing on that day!

 Here's a quick look at the cut of the mask, as you can see~ my face can't handle the amount of mask there is~ I'll have to try some different brands out for you though and see whether this problem is me and my stupid face or just The Face Shop's funny sizing...which is odd because Seohyun's face is tiny. They clearly didn't use her for sizing!

 It was really hard to get a proper picture of the left over essence. There's MASSES. In the end, I decided to use it all up on my face... and well the result was pretty good I think!

After about an hour the mask dried up and started to fall off, meaning that all of the mask had been absorbed into my skin! So that was all great! I might go back and try that method with an Aloe one as well and see if they're more effective using them like this!

Then I grabbed some cotton pads and took all of the extra essence and just put it back on my face honestly...my skin was feeling extra dry and nasty because I've been ill recently...so I wanted all the treatment I could get! This mask has vitamins B1 and B2 and some other minerals and stuff in which is great for the skin, this should help make the skin brighter and more pleasant to look at! (Apologies for the rubbish explanation!) 

No joke guys, this is exactly why I was the Milky Skinned Ulzzang... Look at that! It's not edited at all...I was actually going to darken it slightly...I think it's mainly because my bathroom is pretty white, so my skin started to almost reflect it? Anyway, I love the result this gives. As you can tell, it makes my skin all milky and perfect - with the exception of that spot going on there...AND my dark circles...

(Talking about dark circles! People with anemia and stuff, or medical conditions that give/affect your eyes! How does everyone treat them? I've been using my collagen packs and everything, they help for just general tiredness...but there's always the dark circles caused by my conditions left over...no matter what I do, they're still there! Which sucks when I want to go out without makeup on!)

 I quite like it. But that's about it. As I said in the last one, I don't think The Face Shop's packaging is really on the same level of other brands, but it's still up there just for the amount of left-over serum in the packet.

 Is obviously too big, this one actually felt bigger than the other, but I kept this one until I used another Aloe one, and they were actually the exact same size ㅋㅋㅋ So I guess from that we can deduce that either my face has got smaller again or it's psychological ㅎ.

I actually like it. A lot of bloggers seem to say it's got a chemical smell to it, and in comparison to collagen ones and stuff I've used before, I'll admit it's pretty strong, but the whole smell and everything is part of the product, so I guess that's the whole "Real Nature" point of the mask?

 I think this one actually worked better than the Aloe one, the Aloe one felt a lot more moisturising but this one whitened and everything, so in my opinion I prefer this one. But I think both are needed for perfect skin...so don't neglect the others in this series! ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

 A lot of bloggers seem to dislike this one, mainly because of the smell and claiming it does nothing on their skin. Fair enough, all of our skin types are different, and what works for me might not work for them and vice versa...but I actually really like this one. I have combination-dry skin at the moment and a number of slightly red patches on my skin. This mask completely got rid of them and just made my skin feeling healthy.
I think the key to this is to keep the mask on until it has dried out! Rather than the time limit they give. This way, you're getting all you can out of the mask 하하..

So that was the Pomegranate version, next up is the Lemon type! If you'd like me to get any other types in this series then just let me know! ㅋㅋ But I'm going to see if I can get my hand on some good My Beauty Diary ones because everyone seems to like the fit of those!
Have a great day!

 *Note to readers :: I've decided to send my weekly posts on Saturdays at 12PM GMT now instead of the usual Friday, I'm sorry if that's irritating for anyone, but I'm finding it hard to find the time to write them by Friday lunch, I have Friday afternoons and Saturday mornings in which I can write though~ so I've decided just to put it a day back instead ^^ Thanks for sticking with me everyone!*