What's In My Purse? 2013 Edition!

So it's February...and here's my purse for 2013! I know it's not a Saturday, but here's a quick filler post for you. I was going to leave it for Saturday...but then I didn't want to leave you a whole week with just this. It just doesn't seem like a good post for a whole weeks worth of work! So this is a Wednesday post, and you'll get your usual Saturday one as normal!

I have a number of bags for different things. This is my bag I use when I only have one class or no classes. I'm a small bag person, so I use any chance I get to use the smallest bag possible. I hate having to take in my whole backpack if I've only got one class for the whole day - or if it's a Monday/Weekend and I'm going out.

This is the bag I purchased from Accessorize on my Hallyu Takeover Haul at Bluewater mall. So yeah, I like this bag. The straps annoy me a bit~ and the clasp scratches easily~ but it's my everyday bag so I don't really care ㅋㅋㅋ Although my dream bag is a LV Speedy 30, I suppose this one will do! ㅎ.

I'm going to apologise in advance for the larger size of picture, it's just a lot easier to see what's going on with them bigger!

Before I move onto the bag contents, I'll explain the bag and stuff. So this was my bag for a Monday. My timetable works in fortnightly blocks, on one Monday I have no classes~ but on this week I have one class in the afternoon. So I usually carry my HP mini and a couple of pens, pencil and highlighter just in case, but they're not normally used honestly! When I do have proper classes or a class with lots of text books, I will take in the 59 Seconds Contrast Trim Backpack.

So I'll just go through everything left-to-right individually! ::

Wet wipes and Tissues - Obviously just because I'm constantly prepared for everything. These usually just sit in the privacy pocket at the back and don't get used until someone needs them ㅋㅋㅋ I bought both of these during my Hallyu Takeover Haul when I bought this bag as well...

Umbrella - As you may already know, I live in England. It's pretty much rain central here. So an umbrella is necessary at all times. This is from the dotcomgiftshop and I also own it in red and brown...but the pink one is my favourite!

Makeup/Skincare Kit - This was originally my makeup bag...but actually there's more skincare stuff in here. At the moment this is a condensed version. I usually stick a ton of samples and eye masks and everything in here...but this bag is too small for it. I use a larger bag when I take my backpack~ but this is just my basics! The pouch itself is from the Japanese brand Candy Sugar, which sells School Uniforms and it just came with my old school bag ㅋㅋㅋ

Keys - Obviously you kind of need these. I'm too lazy to learn to drive, so my keys just have my house key and my bike key. The strap is from the Korean brand ArtBox, as is the key cover on my house key ㅎ.

Blackberry - I have the curve 8520. It's actually in the colour lilac, but the back cover broke and I could only find a black replacement, so currently~ it's half black half lilac...but luckily I only have a couple of months left with this phone! Note to you all, don't buy a blackberry. Ever.

iPod Touch 2nd Gen - I used to carry 3 iPod's with me (like Jaejoong?) but now I've narrowed it down to just two. This one is used to listen to Korean radio, watch You Tube videos, use as a more portable calendar than my Cooky Shop one from BaboSarang and to play games!

iPod Nano 7th Gen - This is my newest iPod. I love this thing. It's in the green colour and my case is a Rilakkuma one obviously. I love it. I love the case. I love the iPod. My favourite thing about it? It tells you the name of the song if you hold down the button. The voice also changes depending on the language the song is in, so the pronunciation is always right!

Wallet - This isn't my usual wallet. This is pretty much just my essentials. I don't even remember where this thing is from...it's pretty boring and just holds my most used cards, which is my debit card, Starbucks card (don't judge me guys) and library card. It's only got £10 in at the moment :L but hey, I'm just at school and I don't need money if I go to Starbucks, so it's all good! ....Oh wait. I've got my card on me anyway. So none of that matters.

Pens and Pencils - Well actually it's more like 2 pens and a highlighter. These are genuinely just the cheapest pens from Staples. They're the Comfort Stick 1.0 in black and the highlighter is just the Stabilo Swing Cool in the colour 275/24. This is actually my least favourite highlighter, but I need to use it up before I can justify buying the Muji ones!

Water bottle - At the moment I'm trying to tone up my face, I have a similar face to the Ulzzang Hong Young Ki~ so I need to slim down my cheeks. Apparently drinking water can help. I also need it to take my tablets (when I bother to put them in my bag!) and I've got a chest infection again at the moment, so it's pretty much necessary!

So here's a more detailed look inside my pouch! It's really not interesting honestly, but hey~ I know you're all as nosey as I am with you all! ㅋㅋ ::

Medicine - I can't swallow tablets, so this is a Soluble Paracetamol, it's 500mg. You just put this in water and it dissolves and then drink the water. It tastes awful, but it just about works. I also have Extra Strength Strepsils in the flavour Blackcurrent. I only carry 2 different tablets or forms of medicine at a time because otherwise I get confused! So I had to take out my regular supplements to put the Strepsils in~ and I alternate between the Soluble tablets and my super strong migraine ones depending on how I'm feeling.

Concealer - This is the Innisfree one, I'm not going to say much about this~ simply because I've already reviewed this product here. The colour is in the shade #1 though...but it's too dark in comparison to my new BB cream, yet my love for Innisfree as a brand makes it all okay.

Mascara - This is the Eco Curling Mascara by one of my most favourite brands of all time, Innisfree! I'm not going to say much because I do actually have a review to come of this soon~ other than it is amazing.

Mirror/Brush - This comb + mirror set is from the Korean brand Artbox that I mentioned above. It's just easy and compact...it's pretty boring looking, but it's always nice to have a set on you! I recently bought a new mirror~ but it'll be too big for this bag~ so I'll need a new makeup bag now I guess! 하하

Lip Balm - The SHINI STAR lip balm in the colour by SHINee's Jonghyun. I reviewed this ages ago when I first bought it. Which is creatively called Bling Bling Jonghyun (yep guys, and I dare you to guess the other members colours!) It's an orange colour and I've officially hit pan on this product, I think it's been discontinued now... (or maybe I just can't find it) but I'm sure it's just on eBay somewhere - if anyone finds Taemin's colour, can they let me know though? I'd love to try it...PLUS Taemin is my favourite member!

4Head Stick - This is an alternative to the tablets, it's just easier to apply and everything. I've done a quick demonstration and everything for you guys here.

Perfume - This is similar to the Travalo I guess? In here I just have the Hollister scent that I bought ages ago..I honestly don't use this thing much~ so this scent has just been sitting in there forever...

Tweezers, Bobby Pins etc. - Just random other stuff lying around. A couple of bobby pins, tweezers and a Q tip. There's also a tiny Rimmel white eye pencil. Which I didn't bother talking about because I've sharpened it too far to know the name or anything....I should really buy a new one... ㅎㅎ.

So that's the entire contents of this bag. I think I dragged that out way longer than necessary, but at least you've got all the information about every single item inside my bag now!
It's genuinely so weird...a couple of years ago I would have sat there and not even thought about sharing the contents of my bag with the Internet. I suppose now, I don't really think about the Internet as the whole world~ you guys are all just my friends and I love you guys (sorry for the cheesiness)
The few school friends I do still have - I swear I've just cut of everyone now who doesn't at least have Twitter ^^ - that aren't Internet people do find it odd that everyone is just sharing every part of their life with the world...but I suppose it's just normal now and I can't imagine not doing it because I love you guys!

In other news quickly, I was just writing this post...got a text from my 언니 telling me to check my twitter, and I find...

I think my life is now complete now. Lindy Tsang - Bubzbeauty - is pretty important to my whole like blogging experience and just me in general. I don't think I'd even be able to put my hair up or do makeup sufficiently if it wasn't for her.
She's perfect and yeah, she's just awesome. It might be just a simple tweet that's boring to everyone else in the world. But if it wasn't for her, I wouldn't be where I am today~ I know she's always like "the pressure of being a role model" and all...but I don't think she actually needs to try really, she's just naturally a pro at it! ^^

So thanks Lindy! And I now have an excuse to finally congratulate her and Tim! I'm so excited for them! What with Angel and Aiden having Yunwoo, and Xiaxue's pregnancy and Bubz and Tim~ the You Tube world has gone crazy with marriage and babies recently! It's so exciting ㅋㅋㅋ

Anyway, signing off now! <3
Have a great day guys! I love you all! <333