April Favourites!

This month I feel like I don't have many actual favourites. I've tried so many products, but I have tried so many that I actually really don't like. I'm not doing a couple of categories because I don't have favourites for them!
The only one that I'm not doing but I should be, is the clothes section so I'll quickly explain that now! Basically I was looking at my outfits and stuff...but I had way too many clothes and accessories to really share! I couldn't pick just one and yeah... so I've left that one!


Thanks to exams, I'm not really sleeping well at the moment so this thing is my saviour. I just stick these on my eyes when they're feeling painful and tired. There's 30 sheets in this pack and they're so cheap and great. The only thing is trying to separate the individual patches! But still, for the price these are great! Especially because I'm using them almost every day at the moment!


Of course this is going to The Face Shop's Design My Eyebrows eyebrow pencil. I bought #04 Brown and I love it. It's now my staple product and I'm using this even when I don't actually wear any makeup, I put this product on. 
I've actually already reviewed this pencil and you can read the review here.


This month was pretty hard... I've recently just shared with you my summer playlist which you can read here.
Considering this, I didn't want to share with you my first 5 songs on that as I've recently shared them with you!
In the end, I looked at my recently played and I realised how often I've been listening to Z:EA FIVE's The Day We Broke Up.
I'll admit I'm not a Z:EA fan normally, I don't really know their songs well or anything and they don't normally catch my eye...but this song is perfect.
I've even used their outfits for inspiration... which is pretty impressive for me considering I don't like the group much!
But all I'm trying to say guys is give this song a chance if you don't already love it! Even if you don't like K-pop please check it out! It's just got the perfect feel for spring and summer and the music video fits perfectly with the song as well.

Music Video

As with every 4Minute video, there's been controversy about Hyuna. This time about her shorts. I actually personally think they're fine! For once as well Hyuna doesn't completely dominate the video, the other members get a fair share of the song and video, so thanks for that Cube!
I love this song, but I feel that this song is 1000000 times better watching it compared to listening!
So that's why I've put this in music video and not song!


Without doubt, it's part two of SHINee's album! The title track is "Why So Serious?" Which really just shows the UK. Watch the music video and count the amount of Union Jack's in it! Obviously it's a little strange because no Jonghyun...but I wasn't really feeling part one. I was getting pretty worried that I was losing my touch with SHINee...but nope! I fell in love with the entire album and I can't even share my favourite song because I love every single one!


Yep. That's right. It's my Australian ex-dentistry student now idol superstar. Jason Hanbyul Jang from LED Apple!
This guy is great. He is now the host of Arirang's new show "After School Club" which airs on Wednesdays with Eric Nam! I've loved this guy for years even though he's crazy irritating and has the stupidest facial expressions in the whole world. If you listen to LED Apple or watch him in interviews or hosting, then you'll understand what I mean. He's just a pretty rounded person and if you follow me on twitter then you'll see that my Wednesdays are pretty much entirely dominated by him.


Everyone should be so proud of me right now! I'm currently watching Jang Ok Jung: Live in Love and I'm watching this whilst it's airing...sort of. It's getting harder to watch it now because I was watching it online on DramaFever, but once you get past episode 5 the videos aren't available outside of North and South America so I now have to go elsewhere and these aren't as quick as DramaFever... so that's made me really sad!
But I do definitely recommend this to all of you! It's a period drama and Jang Ok Jung is a fashion designer. I do feel like I get a different perspective on this drama compared to Koreans and those who know more about Korean history, I think I get more surprise this way as it's actually a historical drama in the fact that it's based on real people!
If you're not watching it yet, then please check out the trailer that I've linked and if you like it then I recommend watching on DramaFever because they have full episodes and you can change the size of the subtitles and colour to suit you!

I've really got into watching period dramas recently and I'm also still watching Sungkyunkwan Scandal!


Considering I had a movie night with my buddy Kate, I've watched a few films with her and some throughout this month myself!
I'm picking Seducing Mr Perfect for this month's top film! It's kind of different to my usual films but it's more of the typical Rom-Com that everyone else seems to love so much! So if you like them and haven't seen this film, please do it now!

I feel like this was such a pathetic favourites post but if you've written one then feel free to link to your one in the comments section below! I think I'll have a better favourites next month as I'm starting to try lots of summer products now! 
Have a great day everyone!