Liebster Award!

I'm so happy to do this award tag! I was tagged by Frostie and this finally gives me a reason to tell you all to go and follow her! So thanks Frostie! :D

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Q: If you could spent a day with anyone you want, who would it be?
A: I was thinking about this one for a while... originally I was going to say a k-idol...but in the end I've decided Maggie Q! She's so pretty and such a great she does martial arts! I think it would be really easy to spend the whole day with her because there would be so much to talk about!

Q: Do you believe in love at first sight?
A: I'm not sure whether I'd call it love, but I think we can tell from when we first meet someone if they're the one. I don't think we can fall in love completely that quickly though!

Q: A food you dislike?
A: I really really really dislike peas. I'm not even sure when it started, or why I dislike them so much...but there's plenty of foods that I dislike but I'd eat if I hate to...peas is not one of them! I don't think I could ever bring myself to eat them!

Q: What is your favourite place?
A: Ever? I really love Center Parcs! I was going to say a city like London or somewhere...but actually...I spend most of my time at Center Parcs! I really love it because it's got everything I need and it's all closed off from the world but still close enough that I can just go down there for the day and come home later!

Q: 3 qualities you appreciate in a person?
A: I really only like people who listen. If you don't listen to me and other people, I have no respect for you. It may seem like a simple thing...but it really makes a difference to my relationship with others! Also, I love people who are really selfless but confident. Too many people these days bring conversations back to themselves every time and that's really irritating and unbalanced!

Q: 3 qualities you don't appreciate in a person?
A: Lying. Once you've lied to me...regardless of how big or petty that lie is, I won't forgive you. Also people who aren't inclusive. If you leave someone or a group out then I'm sorry but my respect for you has gone! People who are messy as well. If you can't tidy up after yourself, you can't be my friend!

Q: One item you couldn't live without?
A: My sun cream! I'm taking this pretty the fact that I need my sun cream because I swear I have the skin of a ginger person! It burns up after 10 minutes in the sun! It also hasn't helped recently because I used a product which contains Oxybenzone and that's made it even more sensitive!

Q: Why did you start blogging?
A: I actually did a whole post on this! I can't remember the exact reason, but I think it was a New Years Resolution! You can read the whole post here....

Q: Do you write down your dreams?
A: No...but I should start! I tweet my dreams when I have good ones...but really, my dreams are usually really odd and disjointed and I forget them after a couple of hours of waking up!
But I actually have only recently started dreaming! Until a couple of years ago, I'd never experienced dreaming!

Q: Is there a singer whose voice you could listen to all day?
A: Even though I'm a cassie and I should really say DBSK/JYJ/TVXQ!.... they're not one person so I'm going to take this as a solo artist!
I can listen to Huh Gak pretty much the whole day... in fact~ the other day I listened to 1440 for the whole morning!

Q: What languages can you speak?
A: I speak English - obviously - I learnt French at school, I know conversational Japanese - but I've not been learning recently! The only practise I get is at karate! - and I've started learning Korean. 
I'd really like to learn Mandarin, Thai and Indonesian though at some point. Mandarin because it's so widely spoken and I think it would be really useful for life, Thai just because I love the sound of it and I really want to visit Thailand...and Indonesian because I have a lot of Indonesian friends and they're all practising their English skills and I always feel really guilty because I don't speak their language!

My Facts

  1. I've applied to study Philosophy at Nottingham or Keele next year...but I'm not sure I'll get in yet!
  2. I used to be a ballerina! I danced for just over 14 years and had to quit last year due to my injury which you can read about here
  3. In 2011 I had a bit of a crisis in which I was dramatically losing weight from the start of the year until around July. It turned out my body was trying to fight illnesses and as a side effect I was losing a lot of weight...but I'm alright now!
  4. I have a K-pop wall in my room which has most of my favourite idols on... Kim Hyun Joong and TOP are featured the most on it and there are also a number of non-Kpop peoples such as the Japanese group Hey!Say!Jump, the British actor Benedict Cumberbatch and the Ulzzang "group" Flower Boy Generation
  5. I hated the K-pop group Boyfriend when they I'm a fan and love the Jo Twins and Jeongmin! xD
  6. I used to like Lolita fashion.. I only owned one dress though because I didn't think the style suited me!
  7. When I was younger I wanted to be a manga artist even though I wasn't that good at drawing and I didn't read manga!
  8. I'm a member of DBSK's fan club Cassiopeia. I joined in 2005 and have been a member ever since, since my biases are Jaejoong and Junsu though, when they split~ I followed JYJ more than TVXQ! and I always feel bad to that!
  9. I have a secret skill in catching flies! That sounds really gross...but I can spot a fly and catch it... it's a good thing I always carry hand sanitiser!
  10. I actually really like clothes! But I never like buying them...I've got no skill in putting outfits together and that's why I don't usually buy patterned clothes!
  11. I'm a really bad student! My friends always revise in the library when we've not got classes and I just sit watching dramas and reading blogs... I should really study more!

My Questions

  1. How long do you spend writing and taking pictures for each blog post?
  2. What subjects did you take/are you taking at school?
  3. You can only have one piece of colour makeup (so not including foundation/BB etc) what would it be?
  4. Name 5 things currently in your handbag!
  5. Is there any advice you give to your readers that you don't actually do yourself?
  6. If you could only buy your clothes from one shop for the rest of your life, where would you go?
  7. Do you have any magazine subscriptions or magazines you read regularly?
  8. Associate yourself with a colour! Why did you pick that one?
  9. Would you ever plan on relocating to a different country? If so, where?
  10. Have you been to any concerts?
  11. If you could give your readers only one piece of advice, what would it be?

My Nominees!

I really love doing tag posts because you find out so much about the bloggers themselves and I'm really nosey so it's fun! I also find so many new bloggers through them as well so please check out Frostie and all of the people I nominated! I love these guys!
Have a great day everyone!
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