Well...Where Am I Supposed To Go Now?

Somebody help me?? What do I do next? -_-
Just a quick update today with some pictures from my final day of school! I wouldn't normally post this...but considering I'll never have a last day of school ever again...I thought I might as well! And who knows...you all might enjoy it!

I had History and Philosophy planned for the morning, then the assembly and then we were off to Pizza Express for lunch...that was supposed to be all. But last minute we joined in with the pub crawl as well (Daisy and I anyways ;D). So I'll go through in chronological order!... Because that's the way the photos go. I won't show all of the photos on this post, but if you're friends with me on facebook (if not then my profile is HERE) then I have an album on there!

My dear old friend Anna ;D
So as I said we had History first, and we'd come dressed as Where's Wally as well...
This post is going to be kind of interesting because until now... if you only follow this blog and not my twitter or facebook, Kate will pretty much have been the only friend you'd have seen! 
Meet Anna anyway ♥ I've known her since middle school so it's been like 9 years since we first met then...woah. I've known this girl half my life!

I expressed my love for these 3 girls in my previous post! We also have Ellie but she couldn't make it in for the last day... All three of these philosophers are great and I'm so glad I've got them ;D From left-to-right we've got Megan, Daisy, Georgie (Gee - yep...as in reference to the SNSD song) and then me obviously!
I'm the Buddha...
Yes. That's my head...On a Buddha. The photo was taken from the tony tint tutorial if you recognise it. I love Buddha. I'm not a Buddhist...but the Buddha is great. Which is why I decided that if I had to put my head on someone else, it would be Buddha!

Hallyu Takeover in SWCC!
This is the only k-pop song my philosophers know other than a couple of PSY's obviously... It's Girls' Generation's Gee and I just love the way Taeyeon is looking at Tiffany and Fany looking at SHINee's Minho xD
And guys, if you're reading this... go and check out BAP, SHINee and Big Bang now! Also if anyone wants to leave some k-pop recommendations in the comments or send them to me on twitter for them that would be great!

Anyone who knows this reference automatically wins my heart

Lord Byron anyone?
Sophie wanted more Byron in lit...so what's more appropriate than hundreds of Byron's? well...here's Stacey sticking Lord Byron to the wall. Caught in the act and all.
This girl. I swear she's everywhere. If you didn't click on her name after the first like million times I mentioned her then go and do it now!

Jay...Or maybe not.
You can't tell when I'm with my philosophers...but I'm actually very short. Jay is proof of that. Although Jay is very tall anyway. I mentioned him in my first Mention Mondays...so go back and check him out!

My girls
I'll finally leave you with my Daisy and Sophie. You'll probably know Sophie better as S언니 from December's Big Bang Alive Tour or from hauls and trips out... Daisy is one of my philosophers, my wally and she's great. You might not know her yet...but you should. And you do now and that's all that matters!

Thanks for joining me and meeting some of my friends guys! Sure this post isn't a review or a tutorial but this was the last opportunity to show you something like this and I'm glad I've shared all of these with you! ;D 
Thanks to my friends for making Friday awesome especially to Daisy!
And hopefully you'll be seeing much more of these guys in future posts! 

This summer and forever afterwards I intend to live without any regrets. I need to just go for things and get out there into the world. From making friends to making videos, I've always held back from doing the things I want to do...but now I've started to realise that I can't actually carry on like this!

My lesson to you all for this summer is just live life to the full... Sure it's cliche...but YOLO.

I really think I need to work not so much on my confidence...but my ability to just throw myself into things! I'm fine once I get there, I just shy away from stuff before I've even given it a chance. Friday was my first step towards that and the fact that I'm still here and I didn't die from trying something a bit different makes my plan work 3920581515345 easier! 
Not so much on the school side of things, but definitely on the social and work side I need to just make more effort. I'm going to work hard and get a job, make more friends and make more of an effort to look after these awesome ones I've got with me already and obviously work with everyone on making my blog better!

If you feel like you live like I am/used to...don't jump straight in. I've tried that before and it doesn't work. Don't jump straight from a library to a night club...you're not ready yet. Once you've accepted that, learn to make your way across. Learn your boundaries and accept that everyone has a bubble they live in. If your bubble is burst then you're vulnerable to getting hurt. Live life, but protect your bubble. Always keep in mind that although you may feel like your bubble is holding you back, it's there to keep you safe.

Stay Safe and Enjoy Summer

I'll be back with one last post on exam skincare before my finals!