Leaving School + What's in My School Bag? [Final Edition]

This post marks the end of an era for me really. I'm scheduling this post at a very special time for myself and my school friends! At 2PM on the 24rd May 2013 - the time this post is scheduled to release - we should have just finished out leavers assembly and officially finished 6th form. I love these guys so much and they've all had to put up with so much from me! But this post is going to show you the genuine inside of my last ever day of a school bag...because I'll never be able to post a real "what's in my school bag" post after today! So I'm really excited to share this with you!

Quick Shout Outs! ♥

Before I move onto the post though... I just want to have a quick shout out to some of a few of my most favourite Internet people in my school. I love these guys so much...and I apologise for your yearbook messages... sort of. Not really.
Firstly, my Philosophy class! (Gee, Megan, Daisy and Ellie) Guys. I love you. Simple as. All I'm going to say to this is Philosophers! And I'll give you all signed copies of my philosophy book when I write it...not that you'll actually bother reading it! But I'll probably go on Philosophy Bites anyway xD
Next up! Sophie and Stacey. Guys. Here it is. This is your shout out and your claim to fame. Take it. Now. xD No seriously. You guise... you're great. Thanks <33
And where would I be without my other half? Katy. She's my big cook. Need I say any more? No. I don't think so. I'll get all cheesy and gross.
FINALLY. And Emma you're honoured you made it on here at all ;D I joke. But I'm expecting another series of Time Team. And now it's in writing.

What's in My Bag?

On with my bag I guess....
As you know I'm still using the 59 Seconds Contrast Trim that I bought before from my great friends of YesWalker.com! I'm just going to share pictures of what's inside....really.
I barely had any books yesterday actually for me! Here I have two of my Moleskines...they're for English and History. Civil War textbook... and English exercise book. That is all. No reading books... No philosophy books... this is pretty light right? xD

My Mini Mate Diary (I shared with you all here), my purse and my pencil case (the pencil case is from artbox.com ...but I don't think it's there anymore as it was a couple of years ago now!)

Cases Part 2
An umbrella...because I live in England (this one is from dotcomgiftshop.com), a makeup bag from Candy Sugar and two glasses cases. Oh and tissues...because everyone needs tissues.

Front pocket
Here's what's in the front section then! Obviously I've got my keys and iPod! Then I have a pen...which I guess I just got lazy and put it in there at some point instead of my pencil case... revision cards because it's final season! And also a female case xDD ahaha~ it's so cute right? ENVY ME xD

And that is genuinely all that's in there... it felt like so much more when it was on my back! 
But have a great day everyone ♥ Have you finished school? If not, how do you think you'll feel when you will finish?
Me? I don't think it's completely sunk in yet... but I'm really excited! I think I'm finally ready to move on and explore everything a little more...I have so much to share with everyone. I also will have another post up over the next week and then I'll have a small break until finals are over! :D I think I've managed this relatively well actually. My finals finish on the 6th June and although I'm not posting as much as I was before, at least I'm still around right guys?
Don't worry, part two of my skincare series will be up soon. Until then, please stick with the cleansing methods I shared! And also if you haven't checked out my trip to The Tempest at The Globe Theatre... then go and check that out!

Everyone from Sam Whit... I love you guys, keep in touch and good luck for your exams! Thanks for putting up with my OCDs and I believe in you guys! Thank you all for supporting me especially because my blog wouldn't still be possible if it wasn't for the support and love from my friends. It's cheesy but I'm here now because I've got them. So you're all great. ♥

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