OOTD 8th May

I thought I'd share with you all an OOTD for once! I never actually share my outfits on my blog... they all just go straight onto my Facebook page (like me here!) and the people who just follow my blog and nothing else never get to see them!
This top is from Choies and is from Memorable-Days giveaway :') I was kind of scared to pair this outfit for a day look. I had plenty of plans for it for evening wear...but not for regular daytime outfits! This outfit I wore to school on Wednesday... Most of the day was spent with my jumper on admittedly... but even then sections of the top could still be seen!
Jumper - UNIQLO
Top - Choies
Leggings - Forgotten where these specific ones are from...
but probably just Primark or somewhere!

I never know whether I should really post OOTD on here or whether I should put them just on my page...but if you like this post then let me know and I'll try to put more of these types up!

Finally! I'll just share with you my 2 other items from Choies!

Have a great day everyone! Work hard!