Coming Soon: Achieving Ulzzang Skin!

With the summer catching us up pretty quickly, right around the corner now, there's one thing on the minds of everyone. Nope. Not the sun. Photos. Whether it's photos from events, proms, formals, holidays...we all take tonnes of photos during the summer! Obviously, with the addition of more pictures...we want better skin!

This is a topic that I genuinely care about. From cleansing to diet and sun care, I do actually feel like I finally have some decent advice for you all. Which is why for the next couple of weeks, my posts will be dominated by this new series! (Which is why I've decided that this is important enough to get it's own blog post to introduce it!)

I've decided that I'll split this into a number of separate sections. I'll work through them pretty logically, as if it were a morning routine. So I'll be starting with cleansing and the basics of diet - after all, if you have a poor diet, then everything you put on your skin will be wasted! - then onto facial massage, damage care and sun protection and I'll finish with base makeup and photoshop...


Which cleanser is most beneficial for my skin type? Which one will really give the results I want?
I'm setting out this as the first section because without a clean canvas, how can we get anywhere with our faces? We need to start with a blank slate and a lot of teens in particular don't really know what they're looking for in a cleanser. For this section I'll be referring to Get It Beauty's sections on cleansing for evidence!


As a vegetarian for 18 years, I feel I've learnt a lot about the proper diet and healthy eating. I'm not going to convert you all into vegetarians...don't worry!
But let's explore proper eating habits which are sustainable and healthy together!

Facial Massage

This was originally just massage...but I felt that was too broad. If there's one section of my own advice that I'll be giving which I tend to overlook myself... it'll be this. Facial massage is a hard thing to get into a routine of so I hope we can explore this together! I'll be learning along with you all in this section!

Sun and Damage Care

Ahh. Finally somewhere I'm definitely comfortable with. Sun care is somewhat of my speciality and this will be one of  my most detailed sections. I'll try and scare you into wearing sun cream every day, taking care of your skin now to avoid damage later in life and if we're too late, I'll try and help solve those problems! I'll try and recommend a number of products and natural methods as well so there's a variety for everyone!


This seems a little vague, and I'm only sticking to the base. I'm honestly not that bothered about colour makeup right now. For the summer, it's best to stick pretty natural after all! I'm hopefully going to teach you how to get a light, even and natural base. We want to achieve a "no-makeup" makeup look from this, drawing on female K-idols for inspiration!


So you've learnt all of these tips! But what next? Your camera needs to come out! But oops, your photo isn't great... but you don't want to have to keep testing out lighting and angles...this is where photoshop - or in this case, the Chinese product Xiuxiu Meitu - comes in! I'll be sharing how to use Xiuxiu Meitu to achieve a natural looking ulzzang finish to your selca!

I hope you guys enjoy it and try some of the stuff out! 
I'll stick in a quick disclaimer right now...not everything is going to work obviously! I'll try and create something that's pretty universal, but every tip isn't going to work for all of you! Luckily, they're all trial and error things! Also, sections of this series may be sponsored by different companies, I'd quickly just like to thank each of these companies for sponsoring me! And I'll let you know which companies they are when they turn up!
So let's dive straight into it and see what happens!

Happy summer guys and enjoy this series!