Korean Eyebrow Style Tutorial

Welcome back! I hope you're all enjoying my new found time as much as I am! :) Today I'm back with a tutorial for you to add to the Ulzzang Skincare series! My first tutorial was on the popular Lip Gradient using Tony Moly's Tony Tint.
I'm going to teach you how to sort out your eyebrows now! In Korea the eyebrow trend either has a small or no arch. They're quite full and youthful looking! Unlike American and European style, there's not much of an arch, so we need to basically straighten our eyebrows out!
Honestly this can't be done in one go and you can't just go from arched eyebrows to Korean style! It took me about a month to get to the style I've got today - and I'm happy with everything other than the length of my eyebrows...

So without further ramblings...let's move on with the tutorial! (I also apologise in advance for the zoomed in pictures, it's just easier to see the details!)

Let's start off first by cleansing our face! Today I'm using the Simple Vital Vitamin
Foaming Cleanser and my face exfoliation tool to remove any dead skin and create
a smooth base around the eyebrows to work on!

Here's a quick before picture! I had to resist the urge to sort these out, I was growing
them out for a couple of weeks to make this tutorial. As you can see there's a lot of
stray hairs and some of the hairs are too long!

The easiest place to start is the middle! Take your tweezers and pluck the
small hairs that make it look like you're attempting to grow a monobrow xD
(and if you don't have them? luckyyyy~~~)

Please be careful...

When you're taking out the hairs using tweezers please pull in the direction the hair is growing! If you pull the other direction this can cause ingrown hairs or you might not take out the full hair properly. Please be careful!

Now we've sorted that out we also need to take the hairs from underneath,
some extra hairs grow under the eyebrow which can cause it to look messy!
We need to take these out! 

Next up...hang in there with me on this one! We need to now brush our eyebrows

Why brush eyebrows up?

Well then, as you can see from the picture above, it makes it easier to see which hairs are too long. By trimming or shaving these it just tidies the presentation and will make it more even when we're filling in the brows later with our pencils!

Grab some small scissors - these are nail ones but I don't use them on my nails,
just for my eyebrows don't worry! - or an eyebrow razor if you have one! I'm scared
of them! xD And trim the longer hairs, just be careful you don't trim too far down
otherwise you'll get bald patches!

Now we just need to clean up! You might have some small hairs still within your
brows after you've trimmed them which are now loose. We also want to calm
the redness of the area down... so take a cotton pad and some toner and wipe
it over your brow area!

I know! This is gross, but here's my pad! As you can see these short hairs were
still around my eye area!

Filling Brows

I'm using The Face Shop's Design My Eyebrows in the colour #04 Brown here and I've also reviewed this product!
First we need to make sure we've brushed the brows done after trimming and
cleaning up! Your brows look more youthful if you brush the front section
forward/upwards...I personally don't think this suits me but it looks really nice
on some people!

Now just go in with your pencil! Remember small strokes and build the colour
up gradually, you can always apply more easily but it's harder to take some off!

And there we go! The look is complete! (I really need to not use the flash on
these sort of tutorials...it does make the product washed out...) Your eyebrows
should now be a lot straighter than when you started!

If you're wondering what toner I used, at the moment I've been using the
Simple Soothing Facial Toner! I really like it and it was only £2 in Boots so I
don't feel bad about using it often!
(Although it may look like it, I haven't been sponsored by Simple in this post! I just really like their products and they're great for younger skin. 
On Get It Beauty, Suzy from Miss A recommended that younger/teenage skin should use less harsh products and simpler products to keep the skin looking great! Suzy has really pretty milky skin, so I decided to take her advice!)

How do you groom your eyebrows? Do you prefer a Korean straight style or the Western arched style brow?

Have a great day everyone and stay milky!