Skin Food's Egg White Pore Foam

My sample stack was over flowing. Let's just leave it at that. One of the products I had a couple of was Skin Food's Egg White Pore Foam! Kate and I had both heard quite a lot about this product and when she came for the weekend we tried out this product... I'm sorry this took so long to reach you, but here's what we thought of it!

Skin Food seem to have something against putting English on their products. This sample is no exception to that~ as you can tell from my previous tutorial last week, I can read Hangul but don't speak this would have been a bit of an issue if it wasn't just a standard cleanser. So point down to Skin Food for that. If this was the first cleanser you used, this would be a big turn off in my opinion. (I'm assuming the full size also has just Korean? :/)

Just a quick picture with the cleanser on. It's personally too thick for my liking. It felt a little sticky and left my skin feeling "squeaky"? I just wasn't a fan of it honestly. It just dried out my skin and left me pretty unsatisfied. Sure it felt clean, but not in a pleasant silky feeling that some of my regular cleansers leave me with!

Kate on the other hand seemed to really like it! Too be fair, I think this cleanser just didn't suit my skin type. This is probably one of my first negative reviews, so it's a good thing to have Kate's positive half to balance me out! Her skin felt really great afterwards actually! 
All I'm going to say is try it at your peril! xD You'll either get my result and hate it, or Kate's and love it. Basically try the testers first! 

Kate stole my favourite skin guys. This is my most favourite skin in the whole house. It doesn't have a mirror staring at me when I'm trying to wash my face so I love this one. And she stole it xD 

I took the kitchen sink in the end xD I tried to get an action shot for you, but it didn't really work out! Instead you can see a small section of my kitchen!

Let's pretend you totally haven't just seen the clock behind me. We weren't washing our faces at 11pm. Of course not... okay I guess we were! Blame it on films. 

This probably hasn't been the best review out there. But I know so many people who love this cleanser. I just wanted to put out there that it's not perfect. It really didn't work on my skin and dried it out and left me feeling sticky and gross. I just wanted to put that out there to pre-warn everyone! 
Of course I only used this cleanser once so it's not an in depth study of the product! I've only tried it once and that was honestly enough for me. I still have some more samples of the stuff...but I kind of just put them in my mum's bathroom instead xD
I hope you all have a great day and stay milky!

Has there been any product so far you really haven't liked?