May Favourites

My first post now as "milkeipure"...this feels strange to say the least. For years I've been sakurapikuseru...but I'm happy! Rather than dwelling on the past, let's move ahead to the present yes? Well as you know, my finals are now finished! I actually finished on the 6th June however I had errands and relaxing to do!
So I apologise for the May Favourites being so late...the great news is though, June/July/August should all be on time! I won't have school any more and therefore whatever distractions may come, I'll definitely be able to prioritise you guys and my blog!


Definitely this porebrush is up there! It's from and is easy to use and just makes my life 100 times easier. During finals, I just wanted to get up and do nothing to my face...and the same in the evening. Luckily this was easy enough to use that it reminded me to take care of my skin...


Yes...I realise this was last month's favourite as well...but...I've discovered eyebrows. There's no going back now. I've turned into the person who just wears BB cream and fills in their eyebrows.
I've been wanting to spend every waking minute in bed due to the stress of finals and getting up at 6:30 to fix my face hasn't really been I've been waking up later and just using this...
Actually, this pencil has been used so much that I've broken the cap for the brush end!


Without a doubt it's the topsy tail! I bought this about half way through the month from amazon, it came the next day and I've been using it almost everyday! I've been experimenting with it and anyone who knows me personally will know the amount of importance I put on having interesting hair...although for the last couple of months I've been slacking~ this has really helped me get back into taking an interest in my hair again! The smaller one I've put in my makeup bag to use as a quick fix on-the-go and the larger one is currently living with my brushes! 
I'll be putting a tutorial out about this tool later this summer so look toward to that!


All I can think of right now is songs released in June...I probably should have written this down before June started! But I think my most played song of the month of May was B1A4's 이게 무슨 일이야 (What's Going On). I love B1A4 and this song was and still is great...if you haven't heard it yet, please check it out! 


Without a doubt it's Shinhwa this month! May consisted of whole days of me listening to Shinhwa...I'm not even particularly a fan...I liked Venus when it came out, but that's about it. I was debating putting Shinhwa as the music video, but I realised I loved the whole album not just This Love. Even so you can check out Shinhwa's This Love and their "Voguing" dance in the video below!


The month of May saw the rise of Eric Nam for me. I fell in love with Heaven's Door...I love the guy. I don't feel like I have to say much about this kid, only that he's great and any English speaking idol makes my life so much better. I get sad because idols like Jo Kwon and Shindong (Yes. Shindong) don't tweet in English...or at least more than a couple of words anyway! Eric Nam and Jay Park are really the highlights of my twitter lists and I love it. 
And come on, look at his face ;)


Yep. I'm jumping on the blogilates bandwagon. I love Cassey and Blogilates and although I'm not doing that much of it right now, it was the talk of May amongst my friends! So I thought I'd include her in here! If you're not already doing blogilates, check out the video I've linked below...this one I tried with Kate and...I'm not sure whether you'll call it fun or not xD


I haven't really started any honestly...I just wanted to link you to my dramafever profile and my viki profile too...
I love these sites...and you can see the amount of dramas and movies I've started since finals ended!

That's all of my favourites of the month! I actually used quite a few products but I didn't like them much, for dramas I haven't watched enough to share any good ones with you I'm afraid this month! Hopefully my May favourites will have lots more! :) Have a great day! ♥