Recent Purchases

I've recently bought quite a few new products and rather than just going ahead and reviewing all of them, I've decided to share with you these individually! Enjoy and I'm also trying out some new lighting and everything so let me know if you prefer this one :) 


I really love Topshop and I decided that I'd better check out the Topshop nail varnishes! Unlike the bloggers that pick out 10 colours when they first get started...I just got 2. I bought Venus Fly Trap (the green) and Carnival (orange). My favourite colour out of the two is definitely all know my feelings for the colour orange! Plus it matches everything! (slightly too well)

I decided I'd better check out the famous Topshop nail polishes! I've only
used them once or twice so far but I love them! When I have time I'm off back
to get some more colours I think~ I just picked up my favourite colours first...


When I was shopping on the same day I bought the nail polishes, I also made a purchase that got me this free mascara... I feel bad for putting this purchase in because I can't actually share the product I bought...or where I bought it from actually! Well. Let's all just obsess over how it's called Blackjack (2NE1 references anyone?)
I actually got this Bourjois mascara free when I purchased something else but
I can't share at the moment what that other product is. I've only worn this once
so far but it's really pretty~ not for an everyday wear but because it's got gold
speckles in it, it makes it perfect for evening/night wear :D

Cosmetic Love

I really love Cosmetic Love. They're my favourite K-beauty seller, they're the first people I bought from and it's the free shipping and samples that get me every time! As usual, I received more samples than I did products I bought~ and for that...I love you guys. If you haven't checked out Cosmetic Love then go and do it now!
Here's a quick overview of the actual purchases, I bought the small blush brush
just to up my product count honestly so I get more samples *no shame*....
Left-to-right: Missha's BB Cream, Etude House Liner, Tony Moly Headband and brush.

Etude House's Styling Eye Liner in Black. I wasn't sure how much I'd like this,
but it's definitely not for a dramatic look! I'm off back to buy the white now as
well...I'm just waiting until I have more I want to buy so I can get samples! ;D

I've officially found my HG BB! I loved the Skin79 Hot Pink one, but this one
just has something about it that the others didn't. I'm in shade #21

Here's the samples I collected from these purchases. I'm pretty curious about
this lemon mask because if you remember my opinions on the previous lemon
mask I wasn't great!
Have a great day! And I'm planning on eventually reviewing all of these products, but if you have one you'd like to see first feel free to leave me a comment or mention letting me know!