My Storage #1

I thought today I'd share some of my storage collection. You may know that I've recently become insanely organised! Everything seems to have a place but I don't have one place I store all of my skincare and's all around the different places I need it! My regular skin care stuff I use every day sits next to my sink, my everyday makeup sits next to my mirror...but today I'm sharing some of my sample, mask and nail collection!
So I'm going to share with you this small section of my storage to see whether you want to see more of these kind of posts :D

The first drawer of this storage is masks. Here I just keep all of my sheet masks. I've actually organised them so I just need to take the next one off the pile, I rotate my masks so I don't use the same ones over and over and forget about the others. So next up is this lemon one! This is at the top because I actually still have to review it for you :')

Next it the sample drawer...which is overflowing honestly...I've already put a lot of samples into my travel bag and makeup bag...but there's still so much in here! I should really use some of them!
I also keep blackhead patches and other sorts of patches in here. So the collagen patches are also in here.
There's also some masks which aren't sheet forms, there's a couple of rice ones and a olive oil one I think?

Here's some colour nail varnishes...A couple of colours I actually use...the others I've put in here to force myself to use them! I have two gold colours that I've never used, the same with that Rimmel pink colour in the bottom. I've also never found a use for a purple like the one in the middle! I think I need to experiment more with my nails, but I never know how that's why these last two drawers have nail polishes. I have to keep them in sight to remind myself to use them!

Here's my everyday regular nail polishes, this is my go to drawer! It's got my favourite base/top coat - the Sally Hansen one - some whites, beiges, peach/manicure colours and some bronzes. This drawer is one of my favourites. I used up a lot of bronze I'm trying to use up a lot of these colours. I'm not really the sort of person who collects nail varnishes to just use them a couple of times and then add to my collection...I do use the ones I buy a lot and therefore these are probably half of my collection here? The rest are packed away with the other makeup and skincare products I don't use so it doesn't clutter up my space!

What I'd love to know, is where do you store your collections? Do you keep all of your products together or spread them out? And are you like me where you have to put products in sight to remember to use them?

Have a great day and stay milky!