My Beauty Diary: White Truffle Fantastic Whitening Mask

WARNING: This post is image heavy!

I'm not even quite sure just how long it's taken me to use these masks (I say these...but I've actually only used one of them so far...but I still thought it would be worth reviewing them now!) Well the original packaging pictures are in the April folder and it's now June! But hey, I've used one now! 
I suffered lots of breakouts from stress during finals season and now they're finished it's time to correct all of that and relax and give my skin a break right? I'd been getting lots of redness and puffy skin from eating lots, so I thought I'd give whitening a try and see how it worked out!

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The Packaging

Here's the actual packaging, as you can see it's the "White Truffle Fantastic Whitening Mask" by My Beauty Diary, S인니 brought it back from HK for me, and these are the first MBD masks I've tried...and I'm totally sold! If anyone has a favourite MBD mask then please leave the name in the comment section at the end, I'd love to try loads of them out!

As you can see here's the instructions! Although they're in Chinese we can tell need to put the mask on xD It recommends leaving on the blue plastic until you've put it on your face...I did not. Which is probably why you later see a picture of it ripped xD

I uploaded this picture for those of you who speak Chinese... I think I seem to
be in the minority that can't here... xD

Look at how pretty the packaging is! Guys, I'd buy this just for the packaging! It's so pretty and it looks like a book/diary as well :) It's so cute!

And again here's the back of the individual masks, mostly in Chinese but there's
the ingredients in English as well, click on the picture to enlarge it.

The picture of an individual mask, even the lettering is cute!

The Mask Performance

I'm honestly not sure why I included this photo...but I was taking a bath with this mask on and...well the bubbles looked weird~ so I took some pictures xD And NOPE I'm not sharing any photos of me and the bath together xD

A couple of before pictures quickly! As you can see I have redness under my nose, on my jawline and under my cheekbones. I've also got a little on my forehead. I'm so glad finals are over now! Look at my dark circles as well -_- School has completely destroyed my skin!

Here's what the mask looks like when it's out of the individual packet! As you can see there's the white plastic and then the blue one. They recommend you keep the blue one on when applying...I'll try to remember that next time!

...And here's the remains of the packaging xD Oh my photo skills are great aren't they?

As you can see, these masks are a lot thinner than The Face Shop series I reviewed previously! (I also apologise for my eyebrow's really out of control in these pictures isn't it? xD)

I ripped a section around my nose area! Considering how much thinner these masks are actually I think I did quite well not ripping the whole mask!

It actually fits really well! As you may know, I have a Choi Minho sized face :L Meaning most masks don't actually want to fit my face! If you take a look back at my series on The Face Shop masks, the size difference is insane!

I honestly usually delete these photos...I can't ever take blog photos without taking one with my face puffed up...but I decided for once to share it! So here you go! xD

I totally apologise for the angry sheet mask face...but we all do it!

Forwards 30 minutes and it's time to take the mask off again! As you can see it's almost completely dry now and the colour is slightly different because the essence is now soaked into my skin! It really feels like it's worked if that makes sense? You know when you can literally feel the product working? Well I really could with this one!

The aftermath of this mask. The only thing that makes me sad is the amount of
packaging they've included! MBD should be more eco-friendly!

And finally here's my skin after one use! Comparing it to the before picture of this area of my face, a lot of the redness has calmed down. There's still small areas which are still red, but from the amount of problems I had before I used it...I really shouldn't expect perfect milky skin after one use! That's why it's sold in a pack after all!

Final Rating

So far after one use I'm already giving it a 5/5! That sounds impressive...but I love whitening products that actually work! And this one definitely does, if you can get hold of this mask then go for it! It worked really well, the packaging is pretty and the sizing is really good!
Thanks My Beauty Diary for curing my finals skin problems and making me happy again ;)
Also, if anyone has any MBD or any mask recommendations go ahead and leave them in the comment box below!

Have a great day and look after your skin! ♥