Outing with an 언니...

Because 언니 wanted my post to come quickly of our day out on Thursday, I decided to move the original schedule of this post forward, so please enjoy my account of what we did on our day out!
So I met up with one of my 언니, who I shall call S언니 for the purpose of distinguishing her from the other 언니 because I'm the 막내 of my friends! (well I always say 언니, but I'm not sure that a 3 month age gap really classifies her as an 언니! But oh well, she is my 언니 and that's final xD)
We got a really early train to London - it was the 9.30ish one I think, which wouldn't be an early day any other time of the year~ but it was a hot day in the summer xD - and it was packed so~ lots of people, lots of standing and hee~ it was a busy start to the day~
We started off at Westfield and got some early lunch to beat that annoying lunch rush~ here's a picture of the lunch we got from Pho - the Vietnamese place - I originally wanted to get stuff from Bamboo Basket...but they weren't open when we got there~

So we'd finished our lunch, walked around Westfield for a bit, where I bought another one of UniqloxLauraAshley tops and some yoga pants and then we headed off to Oxford Street area~~
By that time...it was heating up...to say the least ㅋㅋㅋ and I'm not the greatest with heat, but I managed to last out and buy some more stuff in Forever21 and MUJI~ oh god I love MUJI xD 
So we hung around Oxford Street for a couple of hours, trying to stay out of the complete heat~ and I actually done pretty well not to get burnt actually! *Well done me ㅋㅋ* 
There was a ton of flags hanging around as well and I took a picture of some of my favourites (that makes me sound so biased, but I didn't want to take a picture of every single flag!)
(enlarge the photos if you'd like to look at them, or I've also uploaded bigger versions onto facebook ^^)

Then we headed back after spending ages in the huge SuperDry - seriously, that place is like never ending! XD - managed to catch the train~~~ after running so much for it, I swear we got on the train and like 10 seconds later it left! And the train back was so busy as well, so we had to sit on the floor like hobos...luckily my 언니 is Asian and therefore highly skilled in the Asian art of squatting, I on the other hand as a Caucasian...am not so much~ so I had pretty tired legs by the time we got back! 
I was also meant to go to 空手 once I got home...but like a boss~ I got a migraine and I also discovered that I actually suffer from photo-sensitivity,  which my mother so kindly didn't bother telling me about before I decided to spend the day outside in the sun without sunglasses! xD aha~ so I got pretty sick and couldn't go out or eat or stuff for the evening! 

I hope everyone else is enjoying their summer holidays and have a nice day everyone~ what have you all been up to this week? Are you watching the Olympics still? GB are doing alright aren't we?

PS: My MiniMate diary from cookyshop also came on the Thursday so even though the photos on their website are pretty good, I'll do a review of that once I've written in it so you can see the amount of space and stuff you get in it~