SKIN79 Super+ Beblesh Balm

I've been using this BB for a couple of weeks now so I wanted to let you know what I think of it quickly. In short, I love it. In comparison to the western 'BB' creams it's perfect. SKIN79 make some of the most popular BB creams and this hot pink one is known as one of the best all-rounders on the BB scene.
According to the English directions of this BB we're supposed to "Use it proper quantity on the area of your face like patting at the last step of skin care." Clearly...I think that sentence really explains this cream well...-_- ㅋㅋㅋㅋ
I've split this review into 7 different sections so you can focus on what you're actually interested here it goes!

 The colour is perfect. Need I say any more? when I pump it out, it's got a grayish undertone however it quickly blends in and the coverage is great. Personally, I don't need much coverage at the moment, but I can see an improvement!

 The packaging is great, the pump works well and is nice and hygienic (which is always good when you're sticking stuff all over your face) and I also like that the pump doesn't give you too much product, some creams **Garnier** always gave you too much product and so it ran out quickly and you had to literally wash away all of your BB cream so I'm glad this one doesn't do that! 
The only thing that annoyed me a little about this is the silver top, maybe it's my OCD speaking, but the amount of finger prints that collect on the top of this pump is just plain annoying. I think that might just be my OCD though!
Although...I am slightly annoyed that the big silver 'BB' on the front of the pump is starting to peel makes it look a little scruffy and I kept the original box it came in to avoid it getting scruffy and everything!

There's 40g in there. That doesn't sound like a lot...and the pump is so light....Like I genuinely can't get over how light this thing is! But after reading everyone else's reviews, there's supposed to be a lot of product in here and I suppose because you don't actually need to use a lot, it should last a long time even though it's only small! 

 It has a slight scent actually...and I can't put my finger on what it actually smells's just that make-up smell that most make-up has. I'm not really bothered about that to be honest, but I know some people are. It's not a strong scent though and I'm pretty sensitive to that sort of stuff~ so it should be fine guys!

I managed to get hold of it through Cosmetic-Love which you may have already known...If you hadn't noticed already, Cosmetic-Love sell their stuff so much cheaper than other Korean sellers (both Korean and USA based ones) so I got it for $13.19 and because I bought it through Cosmetic-Love, I didn't have to pay any shipping or anything

Because I've only been using it a couple of weeks, I can't really comment on the long term effects yet. But I've already noticed that it is in fact whitening~ even though I'm already so milky skinned, this BB actually manages to improve on that and make me whiter. The whitening effect gets rid of blemishes and everything as well so that's always good!
This cream also features wrinkle improvement, which considering I don't actually have any wrinkles...I can't really comment on~ maybe I'll go and try it on my nan and get back to you on that!
It's got only although some people would say that's a good thing...their Dream Girls BB has SPF30 and 스킨푸드 Platinum Grape BB has SPF45, so in comparison the SPF level is pretty average, but the low SPF also means less oil which considering this BB is made for oily skin~ the low SPF actually makes sense for once.

 I don't really have anything bad to say. This cream says it's Whitening. It Whitens. It's got SPF25 and improves wrinkles. The coverage is good. It was pretty cheap (especially in comparison to some of the other BB's on the market) and it's a good size. So would I buy it again? Yes, is the simple answer. Of course, because this is only the first Korean BB I've actually bought - I've tried a couple of them...but this is the first one I've actually owned - I will try some others, but I can already feel myself coming back to this one.
The oil-control is just so good. Coming from a person with crazily oily and sensitive skin, it's hard for me to find a good foundation/BB to suit my skin...especially with the added factor of my skin colour!