Summer Playlist

Hey! So I'm writing this just before I go on holiday and I'm just going to go through what's been my favourite tracks this summer! The music this year has been amazing - well so far anyway! And as I've been to my friends, the rookie groups of this year have all been amazing as well so when it comes to the rookie of the year award, it's going to be tough this year! 
So before I start rambling off about Korean rookie idol groups, lets just get on with the playlist!

Everything about this song is just perfect! The music video, the beat, (Yoseob's hair)'s just amazing and it's definitely the track that's been played the most in my car this summer~! Since it came out, this has been on non-stop and I even saw my mother dancing to it! So well done B2ST! I love it~~~ <3

Everywhere I go I get this stuck in my head~ I've been in love with BAP since~~~ well since before their showcase and considering Himchan was an ulzzang, obviously I've got to love them even more! ♥ Zelo's hair and his rapping! ...In fact also Bang Yongguk's hair as well! Himchan's red suit~~~ yeah need I say more? Warrior was awesome. Power was awesome. Of course No Mercy would be as well! And they're definitely top in my books at the moment!

I'm actually only registered officially in 2 fan clubs (it used to be 3 but I left Cassiopeia after the split...) Kim Hyun Joong's is one of them! Naturally anything then that he comes out with gets stuck in my head and because this song is called HEAT, it's got to be in the summer playlist for the same reason as Hot Summer - f(x) was in last year's summer playlist!

Who DOESN'T love this song? I actually saw the live on Inkigayo before I saw the music video, but this song has been on a lot as well~ it's so catchy! plus it annoys my brother who doesn't like Kpop...

Normally I don't like Sistar much...but this song is just nice and fun and well...summery. AND Sistar have great personalities so that makes them so much better as a group, even if I don't like their songs! But anyway, I do like this song! Especially the bit that goes "Let's talk about love~~" I just thought it was cool okayyy~? xD

I feel like I want to put in everything that's under Mono Music...but I can't~ otherwise this would just turn into pretty much a playlist consisting entirely of G-Twenty and Candy Mafia, but I love this song and it's just cute and great~! So if you don't listen to Thai pop, you probably will after listening to this! Especially if you're also a J-Pop or K-Pop fan!

This is actually the only OPM group I listen to~ and I love them...I'm a secret huge Yuki fan! (Well not that secret) I actually started listening to them just before my birthday and then like a shameless fangirl, told Yuki that it was my birthday xD ...and yeah he replied :3 so I'm satisfied! 
Anyway, the actual song! I don't even know how I found it, probably just searching around Youtube and stuff, but all four members are either half Korean or Japanese - Yuki is half Japanese obviously... - so this song is great~ I don't have much to say other than listen to it!

I'm a HUGE fan of Алексей Воробьёв (that's Alex Sparrow to us UK folk...) but I prefer his Russian stuff to his English ones...I always find when non-native English speakers produce English songs...the lyrics are always kind of weird~ so I stay away from them!
It was hard to choose the song I wanted to choose for you guys because I usually just play through his albums~ I didn't want to add his newest one though (Get You) because you all already heard that in last year's Eurovision! So that's my only reasoning really for picking this song!

I kind of feel bad for putting two songs by artists under YG Entertainment...but Big Bang are amazing~ CHOI SEUNG HYUN. Need I say more? The Alive album really did it for me as well~ Taeyang's new style, Daesung's new hair, GD's swag, TOP's ...face...eum yeah, we'll stick with face and Seungri's amazing vocals! So Fantastic Baby, which even my non-kpopper friends love (well the few that I have these days anyway!) It's a great song and now the second someone says the word 'wow' ...we all know it'll be followed with the words 'FANTASTIC BABY' need I say any more? Nope. I think not.

I love the dance. I love the vocals. I love the song. I love the's perfect! And as I said earlier, the rookie of the year is going to be tough this year, and I'm hoping these guys are going to be included in the listing! So yeah, it's great! This song and Sky High have been played a lot on my iPod recently!

There we go then! That's my top ten! I tried to include a variety of different types of songs, different companies and also different languages~ I'm sorry I only included one song in Japanese~ normally I would include more, but not many have caught my eye this year I'm afraid! I'm also sorry I haven't included any songs by SM or JYP...well actually not so much SM~ *hate you Soo Man, but we'll cover that another time* 
I would have stuck my Junsu (XIA)'s Tarantallegra as well, but I thought the video was just a tad inappropriate for my blog, so if you want to watch that porn video then please go onto YouTube and check it out, because no matter how much I love Junsu and no matter how many times he thrusts or says 'bonzzouur' I refuse to link that video to my blog xD So yeah~~ it's slightly embarrassing that I've listened to it as much as I have, but I can promise you guys now~ I haven't learnt the dance :3

What music have you been listening to recently? I'd love to know~~!

PS: If you're wondering what fan clubs I AM in...I'm in BAP's Baby and Kim Hyun Joong's Henecia, I also still class myself as part of Cassiopeia~ just not officially any more because I'm actually not supporting either side (HoMin or JYJ) particularly at the I don't feel like I can really call myself an official fan because of how annoyed I got with them...but considering YunJae in my OTP~ I guess I'm always going to be a Cassie! *Once a Cassie, always a Cassie! AKTF guys*