TONY MOLY 블러셔본 퍼프

Today I'm actually going to do a tool~ if this one goes well then I'll also show you my facial cleanser tool...
So, this is the Tony Moly 블러셔본 퍼프 (blush powder puff). Unlike most puffs I've seen, especially British ones, this one is cute and furry! Most ones I've seen are sponge and they rip and tear and hold onto the product for ages...which is pretty unhygienic isn't it?! So when I was sent this puff, I was pretty happy with myself ㅋㅋㅋ~ not only because it had a bow and it was pink mind you...
I've been using this puff to apply my blush for a couple of weeks~ before that I used my Sephora brush~ in comparison? The 블러셔본 퍼프 is a clear winner, the application is far smoother, it's even and more pigmented - so I get more use out of my blush now then!
The main problem at the moment though? I'm not sure how to clean it! Should I just wash it like a cloth or brush or something? Or would that ruin it? Also, because my Korean isn't that great, it takes me forever to figure out what everything as far as I'm aware, it could have all of the instructions on the back ㅋㅋ {one of the reasons why I should at least learn makeup terminology!}

Anyway, I really don't have much to say about this puff, other than if you have the opportunity to use one of these things, take it ㅋㅋ Korean blush seem to usually have these in anyway, so if you already use one~ I suppose you could use this thing as a replacement? 
That's all though! I'm going back to listen to MBC표준FM now...아이유's Raindrop is currently playing~ I love 아이유! Have a nice day everyone, and I'll be back with a proper post once I try out some more samples! (I want to get rid of my current breakout first though so that doesn't affect my review ㅋㅋㅋㅋ)