What's in my bag?

I haven't done a "What's in my bag?" post in years~ I was going to say I've never done one...but I think I did one like 4/5 years ago~ so the stuff I carried then were completely different to now...
I like to think that I'm pretty much prepared for life with my bag, so here's the general contents of my bag, some items change around and depending on the weather and what I'm doing on the day I'll carry different things of course...but these are the basics that I don't really take out of my bag!

Here's a quick overview of everything so you can just see what I've got, (left to right: makeup bag, camera case, first aid kit, umbrella, earphones, purse, keys, pen and pencil, organiser, lip balm, phone and hand wash)
So these are the skincare/makeup etc. stuff in my bag. I've got a little first aid kit with plasters, a small amount of bandage and tweezers and stuff, my SHINI Star Lip Balm which I actually reviewed here, my hand wash which has nearly run out because I use it way too much...and finally my makeup bag...which I really need a new one~ I've got like a million but they're all the wrong shape/size or whatever so I'm searching for a new one at the moment!

Here's my electronics...The case holds my camera and two iPods (I use a touch to store my magazines and games and then a nano for my music), some earphones - sometimes I'll take out my mix-styles as well, but I always make sure I have a pair of earphones as well - and finally my phone...which is actually in the process of being replaced because the buttons on the sides are broken~ this is the 8520 in lilac.

My organiser! This is the cookyshop mini mate diary (serious question yeah? This one is a Korean diary, and all the labels are in English~ so do most Koreans know basic English then?) I've also got one of those plain boring cheap pens...I should have bought the matching one for my diary, but I mainly use the MUJI set in my diary~ and then just a San-X Monokuro Boo pencil.

Finally I have...the other stuff? I've got a purse and keys...I actually only just started using this purse because the one I liked broke ㅠ_ㅠ The coin section had a hole in, so the money all fell out ㅋㅋ so I'm going to see if I can fix that one because I love it so much...but until then I'm just using this one~ which does actually fit more stuff in it~ (I've even got some travel tea bags...) but I like white purses~ so yep~ that one matched everything else in my bag ㅋㅋㅋㅋ I've also got two keys~ one is my house key, the other is my bike key~ I don't have a car yet, so I don't have a car key ^^

Well, that was a really quick post, but I hope you enjoyed being incredibly nosey and looking through my bag! What do you guys have in your bag?