Cookyshop Mini Mate Organiser

Welcome to my organiser guys! I swear, I freaking love this thing~ I've only had it like two weeks and I'm just starting to move things across and use it more efficiently so this is just a preview of the pages~ I didn't want to show you all of the pages because they're so easy to find online~ The sellers of this organiser usually use the original photos which are really detailed, so my post is just showing how much space the boxes have and things like that ^^ If you want to purchase one, I got mine just off of eBay after I saw this post on THE YESSTYLIST.
I genuinely get so excited by organisers and stationary, so korean stationary? You can imagine how happy I was when this came! So let's move onto the actual pages!

Here's the front page, after the cover and before the contents page~ I'm going to just stick post-it notes in this section and my timetable when I get back to school, at the moment it's got my to do list in it~

Here's my monthly page for this month, I've used MUJI's 30 set to write all the dates and everything~ ...I also drew a pizza~ you might be able to make out the hangul on the 23rd~ that's reminding me to use a collagen eye patch so I can start getting into a routine of using them~ once I get the Etude House daily masks, I'll also start adding a schedule for them in as well because I won't literally use them everyday...
When there's big k-pop schedules going on as well, they will take up a lot as well~ but there hasn't really been many interesting ones yet...-_-

Here's one of the weekly views, as you can see~ I've got some little to do lists on these days~ times for meet ups and karate times and schedules~ When I get back to school this will also be filled with homework, deadlines and revision meet-ups but I haven't obviously got those yet!

Here's my blog schedule! Ever since I've started writing a list of the posts I want to do, I've been so much more efficient! I've actually been able to stick to my schedule and I'm pretty much a list person~ I love the feeling of crossing off something because I feel like I've actually achieved something then! (oh god that sounds weird...) And then I can also remember what I want to post, so when I get an idea for a post~ I'm just writing it on this page ^^

This is the back cover...aka the sticker flap. These stickers are SO cute and the girl with headphones has I approve~! If my hair looked like that then I could pretend that it's a sticker of me~ doesn't xD Anyway, that's the stickers~ which is boring for those that have no interest in stickers!

Here's my drama list! (Which has actually been added to since I took this picture...) I've been using online drama list services...but I always found that I never updated them so I forgot what episode I'm on...this way I can remember and when Kate gives me a huge list of dramas to watch ㅋㅋㅋ then I'm prepared to write them down! And I can give her recommendations as well ^^ At the moment, I've just finished 유령, still on episode 14 of 보스를 지켜라 and I've not really watched much of 해를품은달...I'm not really enjoying that one to be honest...But oh well~ the OST is good ㅋㅋㅋㅋ 

This is the 'About me...' page~ which I currently haven't filled in! I don't actually know my Blood Type...and I'm planning on changing my mobile~ so I don't know whether my number will change as well~ so I didn't want to ruin this page! I do need a nice photo to go in the page on the left though! I'll find a cute one with some friends ^^

This diary also has a memories section and account sections and stuff~ but I haven't written in those...I've also written more lists and stuff, but they had peoples numbers in and everything and I don't think my friends would like their numbers on the internet ;) so I left that page out ㅋㅋㅋ
Although I haven't written in this bit though...I thought I'd just share the weekly schedule~ it's in a plastic cover (the one on the right in the picture below) and there are two schedule sheets for you to write your timetable or whatever on ^^ so that's great fun ^^ Now I want September's timetable already!  Thanks for reading! I hope you guys love stationary as much as I do, otherwise this is probably a boring post! Just check eBay, Amazon, Gmarket or Yesstyle (although the shipping is pretty high there...) if you'd like to purchase this diary or another one similar! It's by cookyshop! (here's a link to a Gmarket search on cookyshop) Enjoy! And I'll be back from holiday on Saturday~ so I'll be up and active again by Sunday ^^ Have fun everyone ㅋㅋㅋㅋ