Circle Lens Preview! [From Sakuranko and LoveShoppingholics]

If you read Sakuranko's blog then you'll have know that she held a giveaway a while ago, and I was lucky enough to win it! I always feel so lucky for these things :') I've not entered many giveaways and I've won two! :O Plus I received the emails just after my birthday so it was cute timing! 
This isn't going to be a review because I haven't actually had time to wear them yet! :') They arrived a couple of days ago and I've been ill so far so I haven't worn them, I'll do a full review later on after I've worn them a couple of times but I'm really excited to try them on! 

Inside the package came this! I always get worried about the safety of ordering things like lenses online, but after seeing how well LoveShoppingHolics had packed everything for me I know I'll be fine now!

Plus look how cute this plastic bag is, it says "Because I want to see you face with a smile" I love cute little engrishy sayings on stationary! I did originally take...a number of pictures of just the packaging...but I thought I'd only upload a couple so you're not all overwhelmed!

So the lens case I received with these lenses was an elephant! ...I'm totally not going to pretend this wasn't one of the main reasons why I love circle lenses! They always come with such cute cases! My mum wearings contact lenses everyday...and she's been staring at this case on my side...I have to make sure she doesn't steal it guys! :O

And they sent a cute little card as well! Note to online sellers, always put a card or written note inside your packages! It makes me 1000000% more likely to come back to you, it always looks like you've put tons more effort in that way even if it's printed :)

Here's the note :') look at the cute Hello Kitty! :D Thanks LoveShoppingholics and Sakuranko for this :')

It's so hard for me to get the right lighting for kept reflecting off the lights...for my review I'll practice and make sure I have a better picture of the case for you all then!

And here's the lenses themselves! I'm not sharing which ones they are yet so I can keep it a surprise! ;) They're from only Sakuranko and LSH know which ones they are right now! 

I promise I'll have a review coming soon, this was just a quick thank you post to both Sakuranko and LSH, before I wear these I just need to visit my optician and check my eyes are okay again now. I want to make sure my eyes are in good condition before I wear them and ruin my eyes or the lenses! But that shouldn't take too long! So I'm really looking forward to seeing myself in circle lens! They're just a very natural pair but it really should be interesting, everyone tells me that I have quite big I wonder what happens when they get even bigger?

Before I wear them though, do any of you have any tips for wearing circle lenses? Is there anything I should keep in mind or how long should I be wearing them for? 

The thing I'm most freaked out about is touching my eyeball! I really can't stand the thought of taking them out! I don't mind putting them in because that doesn't involve too much eyeball touching...but taking them out will! But I think I'm probably over thinking it! I guess it's no different to applying eyeliner to your waterline and almost touching your eye...

Anyway, enough rambling! Thank you to both Sakuranko and LSH for these and I'm really looking forward to wearing and sharing these with you all! Hopefully it should improve my ulzzang look a lot as well!

Have a great day!