The Procrastinating Beauty Blogger Tag

The beautiful Sandy Lam from Y-oonyee also tagged me in not only the Liebster award recently, but also the Beauty Blogger one! I'd never done this one before so I'm looking forward to completing it!


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5. Have fun! :)

Are you a smart or compulsive shopper?

I think I'm a pretty good shopper actually! I'm pretty impulsive with bargains but everything else I'll usually google a couple of reviews or have a look at different places before I buy. When I actually go out to shop I usually will have a number of products in mind and focus on getting them rather than just mindlessly browsing!

What was the most you have spent at once on beauty products?

I don't usually buy as a huge haul especially online, I like just buying things as I see it or need it. I think the most money I spend is when I order from Liz Earle and that will usually come to around £70 because I stock up to get the free gifts (I feel like I'm turning into QiuQiu here! :O) But usually for Korean products I'll only spend £20-ish at a time.

If you have committed a beauty sin, what was it?

I never used to wash my brushes properly. Which is why I used to get a lot of breakouts I'm assuming. Until a couple of years ago I never even paid any attention to my got to the point where they were genuinely awful! Other than that I'm pretty good actually, I take my makeup off well and everything!

How old were you when you started using makeup?

This makes it sound really awful without a back story, but I used to do ballet so I had to do my makeup and hair then for that so I started ballet when I was about 3/4 so any time after that. 
But on a daily basis it only really started when I was about 13? I had mouth surgery that year which really improved my confidence levels so I could finally pull it off all I used to care about as a 12/13 year old was ballet and archery! ...Until I discovered makeup again!

What was your first makeup product?

It was a cream foundation. I don't even remember the brand. I just remember that my mum bought it for me, she thought I'd make too much mess with liquid and my skin was too dry and flaky for a powder so she bought me a cream type. She modelled the colour on herself assuming we'd be the same...and we weren' all xD

How long does it take you to get ready to go out?

On a normal daily basis I'll spend an hour doing everything from makeup, skincare, eating and dressing. For an event I'll probably at half an hour to that as I don't normally wear much colour makeup so my makeup on a normal day takes about 10 minutes whereas an event look would take anywhere from 20 minutes is usually the quickest thing and normally takes between 5 and 15 minutes. Getting dressed is usually pretty quick as well because my wardrobe is organised to make it quicker for me to pick variety without thinking about it! Eating normally takes the most amount of time and skincare.

What is your favourite nail polish for winter, summer, autumn and spring? Or do you like using the same colour?

I really love mint colours all year round. Mint against the snow looks great and so does mint against sand. You can't really go wrong with it! As much as I love the darker reds for winter, my skin doesn't really pull off dramatic nails so I usually just stick with pastels and the occasional neon if I'm feeling particularly brave!

What was your last watched beauty YouTube video?

My last watched video all together was 2NE1's Comeback stage on MCountdown but my last beauty related video was Bubzvlogs...does that count? Well in case it doesn't, my one before that was Wengie's 2NE1 Park Bom makeup tutorial. (Wow notice the 2NE1 theme there?) I honestly don't watch that many beauty videos at the moment! I spend more of my time watching vlogs and variety shows!

Do you have a favourite lipstick shade? And what is it?

I don't really wear many lipsticks anymore because I just became really irritated with the fact that they don't last very long. Now I only wear tints and tinted lip balms. My favourite of course is the Cherry Pink Tony Tint from Tony Moly!

How do you procrastinate?

How do I not? I think I was a born procrastinator. The amount of time it's taken me to get this tag post up alone is proof of that right? The reason I created this blog was to procrastinate as I suppose everything I do is procrastination. I'll do anything possible to avoid chores, studying or schedules. I don't know what I'll do when I live alone because my parents are the only thing at the moment stopping me from sitting around all day eating and on tumblr...

As for who I tag, I'm going to go for any of you that want to do it! Unlike the Liebster one and the other common tags, not as many people have done this one and I seem to always tag the same 10-15 people in my tag posts so this time I'll mix it up and open this tag to all of you!
Thanks again to Sandy for tagging me in this post and have a great day everyone!