Senior prom time!

All of the hectic stuff is finally over now by the looks of it. Yesterday was prom and now everything should all be back to normal then! As promised, you all wanted to see some pictures from the day and everything. I tweeted you through my getting ready process (if you don't follow me on Twitter yet you can check me out HERE) and I was pretty satisfied with how things turned out. Of course, looking back at my hair and makeup and everything there's always things I'd do differently and one of the main things I wasn't sure about was the Tony Tint...not sure the red lip worked in some of the camera lighting! I need to remember that at these sorts of events it's not just my camera being used, other people's cameras have different lighting settings and people hold the camera at strange I need to work on that! But anyway, enough of the rambling... on with the day!

My setup for the day...
Here's what I was looking at for the day... normally each part of my makeup is in different places of my room and it's all scattered everywhere. But for the day I took out everything I could possibly need... which I regret now! The amount of brushes I had to wash today -_- I'm crying! But it was really useful having everything at *almost* arms length! 

Before picture!
So here's what I looked like before I applied anything! These are just the usual PureDerm collagen patches that I use everyday. I had tons of samples I wanted to try out but its so risky trying new products like that so I just stuck to what I know!

I'm not sure why I found it so hard to pick a BB cream the end I mixed the Tony Moly and the Missha and that came out okay~ The Skin79 can sometimes look ashy and although the oil-control is pretty good...I didn't want to risk looking grey in photos!

Here's the mid sections....look at the number of brown/neutral eye shadows...I made the mistake of applying one eye and then the other...and I forgot which browns I used! That was awful...never trying to be clever again! Next time I'll tackle eye makeup one eye at a time!

These containers you may have seen before, these hold my daily products such as concealers, cream eye shadows and lip balms. Usually I don't wear much colour makeup so these are just the basics!
The Body Shop lip balm is the most pigmented one I've tried so far...but I love the orange tint of the Etude House one so it was so hard to pick a favourite! I think I prefer the packaging of Etude House but the consistency of The Body Shop as the Shini Star line is a little sticky.

The final section of my setup... in the corner there's my eyeliners, mascaras and just other tools like my topsy tails and stuff! There's the occasional lip liner I think as well? And then even more eye shadows. It's pretty easy to spot what colours I use! I've hit pan on four of the eye shadows...three of them are white/creams! I use those ones to create a small aegyo-sal look normally.

The base colour is Avon's Sea Breeze and the glitter is H&M's Stay Golden. I've reached the conclusion that these don't chip easily! Prom was Friday and I actually painted these on they held up well! My only complaints are that neither are very opaque or applied much glitter...but I suppose considering the combined value of my nails was under £8 I think I can let it slip!

I suppose it's now time to share the photos! I just picked 6 of my favourites to share with you because there's too many! I didn't even upload them all to facebook honestly but if you want to check out some more head over to my Facebook >>> HERE

Here's the beautiful girlies I left my house with before we met Daisy ;) Look how short I am guys -_- I would say it's really embarrassing but they look like my parents stood like this!

Here's Gee! You first met her on my last day post, she was in my Philosophy class :) And here you are meeting her again! I apologise for the awful angle of this photo!

And Sophie who looked far too pretty for her own good. People who can do teeth smiles and don't look awkward...I hate you guys. xD 

Jen and Vicky! These guys are so great :') and look how pretty their hair and makeup was! I should have shared a full dress shot so you could have seen their outfits as well... they both looked so pretty!

And our good old friend S언니 who only needs to be named by a letter and you all know who I mean! I've lost count of the number of times this girl has made her way into my posts, but here she is again. Plus this photo is cute so I had so share it. I'm really going to miss her now! She was my first ever kpop convert ;)

Finally here's my Lit girls Sophie and Stacey. Looking perfect as usual. And somehow Stacey is finally more tanned than I'm not sure how that worked out! I'm not complaining though because that makes me the palest again xD 
This was the last photo of the day and I think all three of us are proof that our lipsticks are pretty long lasting! My Tony Tint turned a little pink but other than that they all still look perfect! 
(Plus Daisy in the corner xD)

I hope you enjoyed those photos and my live-tweeting on Thursday and Friday of my preparations. If you didn't see it then feel free to head over to Twitter now to check out some more photos and everything you may have missed! Have a great day everyone and if anyone has any constructive criticism I welcome it! I've got another event this time next week and I'd love to be able to improve for that one ;)