What's On My Galaxy Phone?

Recently I replaced my Blackberry with the Samsung Galaxy GT-I819ON. Also known as the SIII Mini. When I went into the store and I knew I wanted a phone from the Galaxy range, I looked at all of them. I personally am not a fan of the shape of the S4...the S3 is too big for my hands to hold comfortably...so I went for the mini! I'm glad I did as well, I bought a tablet at the same time (Galaxy Tab 2 7.0) and today I'm going to share what's on my phone.
I'm still playing around with this, I've had it just over a month now so I'm still customising and adding and getting rid of apps. I'm partially sharing this to get recommendations for good apps!

Here's my case! I just purchased this on eBay and it was pretty cheap. I really needed a wallet style case for my phone but I can't stand the really boring ones that appear when you search for them! Everyone has those ones...so I managed to get my hands on this Mint x Pink combo one and I love it ;)

I'm also a fan of Engrish and this case is no exception... in case you can't read what it says under the crest... 
"we always love MOZ. please Stay with me forever we're helpful with you" ...I kept all the capital letters in the places they put it as well...Hey. At least they tried right?

Here's my lock screen! I've experimented with this a bit. I've tried the simple swipe one and the face locker...I didn't really like either of those. So I switched over to a Korean app called 스타일 락카 to download this particular locker screen. It just has a simple swipe screen because I don't really need a passcode :)

And this is my home screen! The theme is called Pastel Sky and the wallpaper is the one that came within the pack. I've tried tons of themes so far. Especially lots of k-pop ones...but I love how simple this one is! 

The only thing I don't really like about this one is the app button. That's the one in the bottom corner...yeah it's just a little boring! So if anyone knows how to change the application button please let me know!

This is the section screen! I love the weather widgets I've got here! Yeah they're really great...eum this page has a ton of apps on it. It doesn't really look like it...but the line folder alone is huge! 

The widgets on this page are my favourites though. The active applications one is a lifesaver when I need to clean memory down...the assistive light is just the torch and it turns on with one click so it just makes my life easy! And then at the top I have my Starbucks card which I've used so much that I now have a balance of 30p. Oops. I suppose I need to top it up now then right? Too much Starbucks for me!

Here's one of the pages of my app screens...we've got Snapchat (my username is just milkeipure if you feel like being spammed by my face 24/7), Instagram (follow me? ;D), Facebook, my lock screen theme changer, I Love Coffee which is my favourite game these days! It connects to Line and I just love it! Then we've got Line, Dodol pop (it's just got a ton of ringtones for free), the gallery app. HD Wallpapers, Line's Antivirus program, Line PLAY and Chrome.

Here's the first page of all my Line Apps. I'm not going to go through each product individually because I've literally just downloaded all of Line's applications. If you want to be friends with me on Line then my username is of course milkeipure again! 

And here's the second page! I'll leave my Line QR code at the end of the post so you can scan that if that's more convenient for you all! But I use Line A LOT. I'm constantly on it these days. I'm either playing on Line's games or checking up on updates from official accounts and chatting with friends. 2NE1 nearly update more than me!  

Here's my editing apps! Cymera is by Cyworld, Kakao Story links with Kakao Talk, Instagram and then Meitu Xiuxiu which you all know to be my favourite editor on PC so of course it's my favourite phone one as well!

And here's the SNS category for Social Networking Services that I don't use constantly. Twitter and Facebook aren't included into here because they have their own separate spaces. But I love these ones. I don't use We Heart It much any more but it stores a lot of my favourite pictures so I love it for wallpapers. Pinterest is great for when I'm window shopping online and need to find products in the stores later. When I was buying all of my prom things I had Pinterest in the background to compare my inspo lists to what I saw.
Snapchat of course is great for when I'm bored...not so great at 1am in the morning when I have no makeup on...but yep. That's there. 
And Foursquare I use instead of Facebook Places. I really don't like signing into places using Facebook...but I sign in everywhere on Foursquare. Whenever I go away or have a trip out I like to document my day on Foursquare, signing in everywhere and taking a picture at each space!

As you can see the Cleaner widget...cleans the memory...eum yeah. I don't really have anything to add but I like to keep on top of it!

And here's a picture of my Instagram for some not so subliminal advertising. As you can probably see...I recently posted a what's in my makeup bag and some OOTD shots on there! So I'm just growing on there...but warning to everyone...I do tag xD

And my Pinterest for an idea of what I use it for! I love looking at the Dream Lifestyles board for motivation. It's got all of the interiors that I'd love to have in the future so when I'm feeling down I look at that and the Idol inspo for motivation! (Arden Cho on the board cover...isn't she so great? ;D)

And finally! Here's my QR code for Line! Feel free to add me on Line! :') Especially if you play any of the Line games!

Wow! I can't get over how long this post took...I started this as a filler post...and it turned into a full-on project! I've taken to doing "what's in my..." posts and I might start posting them on instagram instead of spamming up my blog with a ton of them! So definitely go and check out my instagram and follow me if you want to see those updates!

Have a great day and if you've got any app recommendations, please feel free to leave them in the comment section below!