Forest Weekender + Instalovin'

That's right! With my return to the SNS world with two new devices this month, I've become able to use Instagram. Previously I was working from a Blackberry Curve...that didn't give me access to services like Instagram. Now with the Samsung Galaxy SIII Mini and Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0...I can connect to you all 24/7 and share new pictures with you all!
I went away to check out the Forest Holidays resort on in the Forest of Dean at the weekend. I've been meaning to do so for a long time because I love Center Parcs and Forest Holidays has a similar feel but it's more open to the outside world. Finally this weekend I got to go and see it! So I'm going to share with you all the photos from this weekend as well as sharing my new found love for instagram!

It took a while to get to the park itself because the Forest of Dean is pretty
far from where I we stopped off for lunch. 
This was the first thing I ate when I turned 18. Wow. This is also my favourite food. Of course it's Starbucks and although I haven't set up my 3G properly yet, Starbucks has free wifi so I managed to instagram a picture and sign in on Foursquare!

Here's a view of the place itself!
It was genuinely really nice! I had high expectations for this place. Honestly the rooms for this one is 50x better than Center Parcs - which aren't really what you're paying for... :/ - I really liked these. I loved the orange x brown colour scheme (anyone who knows me knows that these are my favourite colours!) The only thing I could have asked for is a bigger balcony area and a prettier view out of the back lounge area window.

Birthday drinks!
My brother is 9 years obviously he wasn't drinking xD He had chocolate milk :L

First thing I did when I arrived? Set up all of my skincare and everything
of course!
I actually forgot to take a picture of my bathroom set up which had all of my proper skincare in... so I'm really sad about that! The mirror and the bath were also really nice as well so I wanted to share that with you all...but I forgot! :(

The night before I made a birthday playlist!
These are just some of my favourite songs that I wanted to put on in the car on the trip. Of course I had to start with BAP's Happy Birthday! They came back on Friday with Coffee Shop and that was perfect and the first song I listened to when I turned 18 was BAP's Happy Birthday so that was great :)

Eum...yeah. I bought a Wonka bar xD
If anyone has read or seen Charlie and the Chocolate Factory/Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory (who am I kidding, you've all read it right? You haven't had a childhood unless you've read Roald Dahl!) Then you'll know what this is. I don't know about other countries, but here they sell Wonka bars and they've got golden tickets in and everything :D

Some of my balloons. And the banner fell down xD
I went out to walk the dog and my parents and brother attacked the rooms. These weren't just balloons either. I swear they have to go over the top for everything and buy the biggest balloons in the shop -_- it was sweet though even if they did keep falling down xD

Here's my new devices that I'll be working from now!
I'm still setting up everything exactly how I like it and I think that might take a while but I really like both of them and they're both really pretty! (I look like I love the Samsung Galaxy line now...which I do! xD)

My first birthday card!
This came when both of my parents were out...and luckily they don't see my blog so I can say this pretty openly without making them feel bad xD I actually opened this the day before my birthday and resealed it xD I'm awful with surprises! I wonder whether they noticed?

What I ate the day before...
Maybe I'm just filling up space here now...but this is what I ate the day before my birthday!

My brothers bought me a black belt which is embroidered with my name on! 
I do karate pretty much every other day at the I'm there a lot. One of the things I really wanted was a belt with my name on it! A lot of the senior black belts have these, with their names in katakana, and they always look great ;) plus then everyone knows my name! I got my full name written on there...or at least most of it! I'm registered as "Katie L Clark" on the black belt register, but I got just "Katie Clark" on my belt because the letter L on it's own would look weird!
So thanks guys!

Another view of the rooms! 
With a banner up! I really can't work these sort of blinds either -_- I'm always so paranoid that I'll break them!

The masks I used over the weekend!
I didn't actually used all of them in the end but I wanted to give myself enough variety to pick what I wanted! In the end I used both sheet masks and the olive oil one! I don't usually use a mask every day but I'm so glad I did this weekend! This has converted me to want to use them every day now!

An OOTD for one of the days!
I never like doing OOTD because I always think my outfits are pretty boring! This day I went for an exploration with my dog in the forest so I dressed up for the occasion xD

My "food" for Monday! We had to leave pretty early on Monday
so this was the only thing I managed to have in the end -_-
I hope you guys enjoyed that and sorry I was away for a couple of days! It was really great and if you're in England or ever over here I really recommend staying with these guys! The forests are really pretty and the rooms are great :) If they had a spa on site like Center Parcs have the Aqua Sana then I'd probably have been converted! I think next time I'll stay on the FH Sherwood site and go over to CP for the Sherwood Aqua Sana to get the best of both of them! 

Thanks for sticking with me everyone and I'm so happy to finally be 18 now! I've got so much lined up for you and although I've got a pretty busy week sorting things out and with meet ups and meetings I'll try and make enough time to give you some new posts this week! I've had a lot of tagged posts and requested posts come through for the weekend so I'll slowly be making my way through those and I may have to start posting more than once a day or combining smaller posts to make them all come out on time!
Have a great day everyone and stay milky!

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